Rogue Cronus an upgrade over the PrimaLuna PL1?

Have the PrimaLuna Prologue One as my first go with a tube amp. Like most everything about the Prologue One but always looking to try something new and move forward on the upgrade path.

Would the Rogue Cronus be a move up? Specs seem to indicate it would be.

Speakers are Spendor SP7/1, majority of listening is from my iMac via USB, to a V-Link then optical to PS Audio DLIII and on to integrated input.
What I'm looking for is a warmer, darker, moodier sound than currently have with the Prologue One. Tube set-up is: 4 x SED 6550C, 2x Mullard 12AU7 CV4003 and 2 x Mullard 12 AX7 CV4004.

Music preference towards john Coltrane, Stan Getz, Bill Charlap, Diana Krall, Eva Cassidy, Roberta Gambarini, Melody Gardot..........
Try a conrad-johnson amp
I strongly second the CJ recommendation!

I too went from an entry level Jolida through the Cronus to CJ phase and, if I had known what I now know, I would have skipped the Cronus and gone straight to CJ. Take it from experience and save yourself time and money.
Had the Cronus Magnum which is power by KT90s - would not suggest that that version meets your criteria
You might try some different power tubes in the Prologue One. SED 6550's are not ever going to sound dark and moody even with Mullards to compensate for the linearity of the 6550's. I tried. While the Prologue One has adjustible bias its internal settings were intended to be used with EL34 type tubes, not the more powerful 6550's and their variants (although they can be changed to adjust for the larger tubes). Just a thought.

Like Newbee I would first recommend rolling the power tubes. I currently use the new Tungsol 6L6GC and like them alot.

Grinnel and Stevecham - Thanks for the CJ recommendations. Want to stay with an integrated, is the CAV50 a move in the right direction?

Nebee and Michaelo - I may try different power tubes, the 6L6GC if compatible. I strongly prefer the SED 6550 over the stock EL34.
I have a CAV50 and yes, if you can find one, do not hesitate. Love mine!
The CAV50 doesn't seem to be easily available but I will be looking for one!
OR a Jadis Orchestra, which isn't that easy to find either... but a wonderful int amp that will make you happy. Tonally exactly what you are looking for I think.
Dhcod - Thanks for the suggestion. Any personal comparison of the Jadis to the Prologue 1 or CAV50?
I doubt an Orchestra would do it, but if you can roll the output tubes to KT-88s get the current Genelex from Jim McShane on Audio Asylum Tube Asylum. He also has a Russian 6L6 which is called something like the 6PSE3 he has retubed tons of amps. He will give you honest advice. No affiliation etc.
I imagine a Manley Stingray might be another option you should consider. I have not heard one but they seem to be popular.
If tube rolling doesn't work, I'd suggest a Unison Unico S6.
Thuhaile - Thanks for the Unison suggestion. I have a Unison Unico hybrid (for sale on AG soon), that got me started on the tube path.
To answer your original question, no, the Rogue will not be warmer and darker than the PrimaLuna. Quite the opposite, in fact. I don't think you would be happy with that choice.
I agree with Learsfool. I had a side by side comparison of the cronus magnum and the unison s6. The Rogue doesn't have the lush and sweet that the Unison offers. The Rogue is closei to solid state sound than a typical tube amp.
More or less have reached the same conclusion regarding the Cronus. Following recent communication with Jim McShane, I have Genalec KT77 Quads on the way.
I don't agree that Rogue is close to solid state, I think they offer plenty of texture, detail and speed. You can do lots of tube rolling with the Rogue and they offer great reliability and outstanding customer service.