Rock Siblings.....

I thought Julian Lennon had potential but that didn't happen. Forget Sean. Jakob Dylan is good but certainly not Dylan good. Zak Starkey has surpassed his Dad in every way. I think Damian Tuff Gong Marley does Bob Marley justice. Theres a bunch more out there, the more obscure the better. Any observations?
I like Teddy Thompson better than Richard and/or Linda. He also got his mom to come out of retirement with a very good album.
inara george's upcoming album is incredible. she's lowell's daughter. arrangements by van dyke parks....welcome back to the 60's in a great way.....
jeff buckley was good, if not as good as his dad tim
Um . . . are we talking "siblings?"
Um . . . are we talking "siblings?"
it would seem we're actually talking "progeny" in this thread.
Ray & Dave Davies. Ray is the leader, but the songs Dave wrote & his solo albums hold up well. The DD kollection "Kinked" is well worth checking out. Many more through time: Everly brothers, McGarrigles, Carters, Enos, etc., and the Whites-- if you buy into the concept of an adopted ex-wife.
Allmans,Winters, Wilsons, Van Zants, come quickly to mind.

Must be many more though.

And though not siblings, I like all three of the Wainrights.

Oh, don't forget that great American rock duo Liberace and his brother George.

Forget Sean? One of the best songwriters of his generation? Everyone has an opinion, obviously, and mine differs from yours. Nothing wrong with that really.
zak starkey's career has surpassed his fathers? whatever you're smoking, give us some. zak plays the drums...heck, ringo 'was' the drums of the beatles(look em up)
>>Zak Starkey has surpassed his Dad in every way<<

That's funny.

Ringo is a member of rock music's most exclusive club.

Also, I'm confused as to the use of the word "sibling" in your Ringo/Zak example.
Jim & William Reid of Jesus & Mary Chain.Anything by them on 12 45RPM will turn all dogs within 1/4 mile radius into snarling hellhounds.
Zak Starkey has had a pretty good career but his Dad was one of the Beatles. You know as in John, Paul, George and Ringo. He hasn't surpassed that and probably can't.

Well, Zak isn't exactly slumming with The Who.
And Zak isn't Keith Moon either.
"And Zak isn't Keith Moon either" Probably not a bad thing, if you're at all concerned about liver function and life expectancy.

Zak is a darned decent drummer, that's for sure. And The Who's a darned good choice if he's gonna play with 1/2 of an elderly/legendary band ('cause he might have a small problem displacing the drummer of the other 1/2-strength elderly & legendary group of that era...)
>>Probably not a bad thing, if you're at all concerned about liver function and life expectancy<<

Which of course has no relevance to either's musical acumen/proficiency.

Stay on course here horsehead.
Comparing Zak to Ringo is like walking into nuclear fallout without a
radiation suit.

IMO, if we're talking about musical acumen/proficiency, then my vote goes to
Zak over his dad. Zak's a tremendous musician. He's a far better fit with The
Who than either Kenny Jones or Simon Philips (who is the best of the bunch
regarding proficiency and musical acumen).

I once read that Zak learned much of his technique from Keith Moon, who
would sometimes come over to Ringo's house to hang out. Maybe
apocryphal, but it would explain certain stylistic similarities between Zak and
Keith (IMO).

Back to progeny...I have been told that Liam Finn, son of Neil Finn of
Crowded House, is quite talented.
I meant Rock's offspring. Not siblings. The kids of rock musicians we may have grown up listening to. Sorry for the confusion.
I also meant that Zak has surpassed his Dad in his drumming ability not in his accomplishments. That is undeniable.
Well as Emily Litella used to say:

"Oh, that's different.

Never mind".

Just finished watching the worthwhile Entwistle documentary "An Ox Tale." Though I had followed that band closely, I never realized that Entwistle & Moon treated each other pretty much as siblings-- in friendship, clubbing, shared bad habits, and of course bonded as R&R's best ever rhythm section. I'd cut Zak some slack on this one.
once again...go bad and listen to the 'hundreds' of classic back beats on the beatles records. 'come together' and 'the end' bout 'she loves you' or you name it......try this experiment, put on any beatles song..crank it up..listen to those drums....oh yeah...'ticket to ride'.....yep, ringo just made most of this stuff listen to a record with zak. yep, he's good, but so are thousands of other technically good rock magic instinct here whatsoever.
How about that Hanna Montanna idiot?......wasnt a very hard legacy to live up too!
Nothing against Zak Starkey, but his dad was one of the fab four, an integral part of the Beatles and partly responsible for their place in music history.

What ever his talents, he not likely to equal his dad's achievements.

Lisa Marie Presley.
Jaybo, I'm not positive, but I there's been a rumor those Beatles tracks were laid down by Billy Cobham...
>>there's been a rumor those Beatles tracks were laid down by Billy Cobham...<<

Right, and Paul is dead.
Derick Trucks is a pretty good guitar player from a drummer dad.
"Zak Starkey has surpassed his Dad in every way"

Thanks for the humor...that's a good one!!!
from 65 to 68 cobham played in the us army. he must have been in the same troup as the beatles. the maharishi was the platoon leader, and donovan was the secretary of defense. more likely all those perfect songs were actually written by 'something smith and the redheads'.
Derick Trucks is a pretty good guitar player from a drummer dad.

If you are referring to Allman Bros. drummer Butch Trucks, Derick is Butch's nephew. maybe Butch's sibs are also drummers - that I don't know.
"Derick Trucks is a pretty good guitar player from a drummer dad."


It's Derek, not Derick, Trucks.

And Butch Trucks, is Derek's uncle, not Dad.

Butch's son Vaylor (who was the little boy on the Allman Bros "Brothers and Sister" album cover), plays guitar.
And Derek's a pretty awesome guitar player.
Zak Starkey surpassing Ringo? Was that a joke?
Has anybody who is criticizing my statement seen Zak play with the Who??? If not then maybe you should before making these comments. Zak plays the drums like Ringo could only dream of. He is the reincarnation of the greatest drummer in the history of rock, Keith Moon. Long Live Rock!
07-29-08: Dreadhead
Has anybody who is criticizing my statement seen Zak play with the Who???
Glad you asked this question. I was wondering the same.

I have seen him twice with The Who. I fid it nearly impossible to believe anyone who has seen Zak play would not find him incredibly talented, and a perfect fit with that band.
Yes, I have seen Zak with the Who and yes he was very good. But to say he has "surpassed his dad in every way" is putting things out of context.

He has not, and can not, surpass his dad in many ways the least of which is that his dad, RINGO, played drums for the biggest rock band ever. The band that is still the benchmark 45 years later. Do you know how many drummers only picked up a stick because of Ringo? It is probable that if there were no Beatles, no one in the US would have ever heard The Who or any of the other great British bands.

So please, put things in context. Yes, Zak is an excellent player technically and he can emulate K. Moon. And that is admirable. But no, he has not surpassed his dad!
For a close look at Zak, see the VH1 Who Tribute in current broadcast. Zak does a tremendous job and gets closer to Moon than anybody who has since sat in that seat. BTW some amazing performances in that special, particularly Pearl Jam (The Real Me & Love Reign O'er Me) & the closing acoustic Tea & Theater duet by Townshend & Daltrey. Recent touring has strengthened Daltry & he really belts them out.
The original statement of the OP "Zak Starkey has surpassed his Dad in every way" is simply untrue although other posters have danced around it by comparing him to Keith Moon, citing his technical ability, etc. etc.

His dad was one of the Beatles. Got it?

In the grand scheme of rock and roll history who would you choose to be, Zak Starkey, Keith Moon, or Ringo Starr?

Case closed.
In the grand scheme of rock and roll history who would you choose to be, Zak Starkey, Keith Moon, or Ringo Starr?

Please don't ask anybody at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The vaughn brothers.
Rock siblings, Oasis, Dire Straights Beach Boys...
Rock Offspring, Zappa, Wainwright, ...
More to discover