Richard Gray Power Conditioner/UPS Maintenance. Model RGPC 400 Pro

My unit was hit with a major power surge induced by lightning storm.  I need to learn how to reset the circuit breaker and I need to buy a new battery pack for it.  The company got bought out so they are giving nonexistant customer support while milking the sales.  Any advice here regarding availability of battery packs?  Any advice regarding location of circuit breaker so I can reset it?  Feeddback greatly appreciated!
Hello nouveau920-

I use RGPC 400 Pro conditioner for over 10 years now.
I have not read about a buy-out? Whom bought the company?

The same happened to Running Springs a few years ago.
I would have to google the website to tell you.Have you ever had to replace the battery for the UPS?  If so, where did you get it?  They die generally after 5 years. I also need to throw the circuit breaker. I need to know how, but the maufacturer won't tell me how.  
I wish I could tell you- nouveau920.

hopefully the other owners here will be able to chime in. In all of my years of ownership, I have never had any problem/issue w/ my conditioner.

My dealer/retailer is no longer in business, otherwise, I will contact those guys and post your query.  Very odd for RGPC to sell?

Another thought-
start calling other RGPC dealers/retailers or send an email asking the same query.  Someone w/ the answer will respond to you.  Keep me posted.

Cool.  Good suggestion.  Like you, all the authorized dealers in my area have gone out of business.  I'll call around the U.S. & will keep you posted.  Thanks!
..try not using it....Richard Gray was detrimental to my system....all systems are different.
OMG!  All I can say is that it DID save my system.  Also I'd heard that the unit was supposed to be bulletproof.  Conversly, there is no longer any customer support.  Sigh, just blew $800.
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Unless I am thinking of the wrong model, the 400s does not have either a battery pack or breaker. It is simply a large coil in parallel with the AC line. Perhaps the 400 Pro is a different animal. In either case, lightening is often the winner.
Where are you w/ this issue- nouveau920?
Weeeel,  until I contact authorized dealers, it's lighting one, Nouveau920 zero, lol!
I took a look at the RGPC 400 Pro, and found that they either had a fuse or a circuit breaker, but not both. So, if you have changed the fuse and it did not resolve the problem, it is certain that lightening did it's job. FWIW, this device is not an Uninterupted Power Supply, so it neither has a battery.
Right On!

mine does not have a circuit breaker nor battery (unless it is internal).
Thanks all.  I am now thinking about the Shunyata Venom series.
Keep me posted- nouveau920
An update- nouveau920 ?