Review: Richard Gray 400s AC filter

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I've read most of the AC filtering reviews, and most of the AC cord reviews. Untill I tried a couple of Nite Power cords i didn't think there was any gain to be had in the AC side of my components. This of course was completly wrong.

After reading about current limiting power conditioners, I decided to try a RGPC 400 on my system. Mentally I likened it to a stiffining cap on a car stereo. i picked up a new 400 at the local stereo place, and added it to my system.

Immediatly I had more brath, and much better resolution in the ribbons. The difference was not as dramatic as the power cords had made, but it was there.

A few weeks later I noticed a used 400 in the classified section, and picked it up. Well, the second one had a much more dramatic effect. I'm not talking about the kind of thing you have to listen hard for, this is a difference you can hear 2 rooms away.

Bass tightened up, and is dramatically faster. all blur is GONE. Ironically, I asked the seller why he was seling, and he claimed that it made his bass boomy. I've never heard Maggies boom ever, but cables and such are often very system dependant.

I'm looking for another one now, I can't wait to see what the 3rd one reveals.

John C.

Associated gear
Wadia 20, Scott Nixon tube DAC, Canary 808 tube pre, Krell 300 MDA monoblocks, Magnepan MG3 with upgraded ribbons/crossovers, all Goerts silver interconnects and speaker cables, Virtual Dynamics Nite Power on all AC cords
Nice review! I also have a RG400 and thinking about upgrading. I have a few hundred bucks to spend. Here are some possibilities:

1) Upgrade power cord, or
2) Add another RG400, or
3) Sell my RG400 and get a PS audio 300 or 600.

Suggestions anyone?

Audio Magic Stealth or Matrix for my money. More than (unless used) you might want to spend. Read, in the archives. Oodles of information. peace, warren
The Richard Gray units turned my Pass X350 amp into a wimp. I'd go with something else.
Gray is the name and so are the limits of dynamic shading when trying to play music.. Tom
I too have a 400S unit in my system. It seems to have gotten mixed reviews in the press & I can see here too that the users have mixed feelings!
I use the 400S ONLY on my front-end components i.e. CDP & TT motor. I never even considered (even in my wildest dreams!) to plug my CAT preamp or my mono blocks into the 400S for the fear of "choking" them. It is just as well that Ken Stevens recommends that the CAT be plugged directly into the wall (BTW, it does sound better this way than plugged into my Juice Bar, which supposedly has no filtering whatsoever).
I can tell you that the 400S didn't degrade the sound in my system (come to think of it, I didn't give it much opportunity to!). I cannot say that it improved the sound. It has helped prevent glitches to the front-end a few times when there were a few brown-outs. I would say that it has served its purpose!
( Personally, plugging a X350 into the 400S would be a serious mistake! )
Hey, the Richard Gray Power Company people claim the units are like "flywheels" and don't limit current at all -- especially when they're daisy-chained, which is a great way to get people to buy several of these hunks of iron. In fact, they claim that even high-current amps benefit greatly by the 400S. In some systems, they might be wonderful, but that wasn't the case in mine.
OK, heres a RGPC tweak passed on to me from the shop owner I purchased my initial unit from. I now have 3 400's daisy chained together.

DISCLAIMER: This will probably VOID any warranty.

The 400 has a 20 amp fuse in in. Replace it with a 30A. I felt safe doing this because each component has its own fuse, and the wall outlet I'm using is only a 15A breaker, so in the unusual case of a short, some other protective device would blow.

The effect of the RGPC is increased by this. If you found it to be beneficial, you will like it more. Ironically, if you are one of the people who did NOT like this unit, you will probably like it even less with this tweak.

John C.