I called Richard Vandersteen

Yesterday I called Richard. I could tell he was very busy with phone calls coming in, I waited about a minute on hold. He answered the phone and answered all of my questions. At the end of the conversation about 2 minutes, I said wait Richard one more question, he said one second and put me on hold for about 30 seconds. Yesterday he was busy and abit quick with the questions, but thorough. (I don't blame him, its not a social call, it BUSINESS). I always call around 12-1:30pm eastern time. I called today and had more questions, I told him the same info from the day before(I have your older subs the 2w). Today he was extremely polite and quite fun to talk to. I then told him I was thinking of selling my 2w's (I have 2 of them) and replacing them with his new 2wq's. He said I would be wasting my money and the 2w are truely great subs. He told me to keep the ones I have. I have talked to Richard in the past about buying his subs(a year ago, twice I called) one time he was short and another time quite talkative. The reason I wrote this is I read a tread earlier and seen alot of negative reponses about him. Well I guess when your as busy as him, someday's are good and some are bad, remember we all have bad days. I wouldn't say he is a social butterfly by all means, but in my book he is a very honest business man. He could have easily talked me into two new 2wq's but he didn't. He said keep the ones you have and set them up properly, don't waste your money. So in short, I think the guy is great. I've been to enough dealers and had them try to talk me into new stuff I don't need. Things I already had, but just newwer versions, to get them another sale. So either Richard is very rich and doesn't want to sell more subs or just an honest guy who doesn't take advantage of people. Pete
I think Richard does his best to give you HIS honest opinion. Whether or not he presents it in a friendly manner will depend on his mood and how YOU are dealing with him. After all, we all have our "moments", both good and bad. Sean
Has anybody NOT called Richard Vandersteen? No wonder he's pissed off. Geeez!

Sincerely, I remain
Pcc; yours is a "fair" statement regarding dealing with R. Vandersteen, and it pretty well sums up my experience with him too. I've owned 4 pairs of his speakers over 10 years and have talked to him several times.

Clueless; you need to buy something Vandersteen so you can get on the 'phone with RV. But be advised, like many other things "audio" the listening can be harsh, sweet, smooth, shrill, fatiguing etc-- hey, he's a human. Cheers. Craig

You don't think by now someone has pointed out the Audiogon thread to him?

Maybe....just maybe....he has decided to be a little nicer to this customers now?

I know I would after reading a thread like that! :)
Clueless, you kill me! You are truly a funny person and I laugh out loud at a lot of what you post!! (Sorry if you meant it all to be serious!) I especially agree with someone else here who said he laughs aloud whenever he reads your closing, "Sincerely, I remain, Clueless."
Keep it up.
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Garfish...you say he's harsh, shrill, fatiguing...hey!..we'll get along perfectly.

Sincerely, I remain
I had seen the previous thread on this subject and now see another. Even though Pete's remarks are positive to Vandersteen, don't you also have to wonder how many of the high-end gurus (most of whom are willing to chat) would remain willing if they felt that everything they said was then going to be made public? Maybe its me, but, I would normally expect that my conversations with people are private. If I was told that anything I say may later be made public, either in print or via the internet, I might then choose my words carefully, or perhaps not be willing to talk at all. Just MHO.
Pete-Great to see a post from you! its been a while. In regards to Clueless I have never called "dick" as he was called in a previous thread, nor do I plan too. Things get busy at times at businesses and then your not happy, thus leading to grumpiness-but as stated above we are human and it happens.

So how do you like your subs any way?
I have talked to Richard since the original issue Model 2 came out back in 77 and can tell you 50 % of the calls were nice and 50% were like walking on eggshells. This must be due to the fact that he seems to take all calls and answer all inquirys, no matter how small. This is still the most honest Company/product in the business. (I can only imagine some of the calls he deals with) For the very reason, that you get all of your info from the top dog of the company, and since all of his products represent a philosophy that is way rare in todays hi end audio scene, you NEED to cut the guy some slack.
What PCC stated is the way it really is. This man is a real upstanding asset in Audio and most definitely not a Fraud.
He gets the Harry Truman tell it like it is award.......Frank
Clueless, indeed you are priceless as Sc53 posted.

Keep up the good work.

Your employer thinks you are spending too much time keeping us happy.
Nicely put Frap. Everytime I have called(4 or 5 times) I've always talked to the top dog Richard; the designer, owner, president and tech support. How often does that happen in other companies. In other companies someone may not be able to answer a question, so you have to wait for a call back that may never come. Pete
Pete- It could just be a case where he is too cheap to pay someone to do something that he can do himself. I know that is what I do, sure I could work less but then I wouldn't make as much, if he is 1/10 as greedy as me then I would suspect that to be why he does the tech support himself, I could be wrong???
I have had my 2ci's for 10years and they are the best speaker I have ever owned. But I'm now saving up for Revel Salons and a Voice, Thanks Richard for the many years of great Musical enjoyment. This speaker is truly the best Performace/Value deal out there. Jason
Tireguy, I think you are wrong. Ever time I call Aerail Acoustics I talk to the top dog too. This is how things get done right, the first time.
Hddvd- Yea your right things get done that way- cause its cheaper that way, thus the owner makes more, trust me a few people could do what I do but then I would have to pay them, its basic economics ;)
FWIW, I met/talked to him at CES, and he was fairly engaging, affable, and patient in his discussion and explanations. And the room was pretty busy at the time.
I had decided to quit posting here a short time ago. Since I am the one who brought this topic up I am going to come out of retirement to add my further thoughs on this matter.
I am very happy to hear that many of you have had a different(read good)experience in your dealings with Mr. Vandersteen. If you read the other thread though, you will also find many who share my experience. I do get the feeling from many of you that these people who share my feelings on the matter somehow deserved the treatment they received. I do think that the products merit the praise that all of you are giving them. I would not have bought them myself if I didn't agree with that.
I do think however that this is a reflection of a larger problem we have in our culture. Richard Vandersteen is a celebrity in our small circle of audiophiles. I do think that we hold celebrities to a different standard of behavior. Look at the athelites and actors who get away with things you and I would never be able to. Mike Tyson rapes women, beats people up out side the ring, and he is still alowed to walk around free to persue his career. Although I am not aware that Vandersteen has bitten anyone, I am happy that it was a phone conversation. Maybe the Tyson analogy is too strong, maybe Richard is more the Dennis Rodman of the audio industry. He behaves badly but since he works so hard and has "personality problems" we'll let it slide. Anyone ever seen Richard wearing a dress? Why shouldn't we be able to expect him to behave in a civil manner just as we would expect this from anyone who isn't held in such reverence. So Richard Vandersteen is the shaman of speakers, the masia of sound, the keeper of the sacred truth. Oh, don't upset the delecate genius! Come on! All of this pandering to poor Richard is makeing me ill. Just because the guy make a great speaker dose not justify him not being held acountable for his behaviour. The guy just makes speakers, he didn't find the cure to any desease. The guy isn't Van Gough or Jackson Pollock, at least their eratic behviour wasn't directed at their patrons. Maybe if Richard cut his ear off?
I just had a simple question. I was not expecting it to be a big deal. I didn't go into the conversation being demanding or upset. I have since written Mr. Vandersteen a polit letter asking if there is some way I can get information in the future without having to call the factory or waste some other dealers time. I hope he has a constructive suggestion.
I do think that most of the above posters missed the point entirely or else you are just huge suck ups & brown nosers! Sorry if I offended the Richard Vandersteen faithful, and I hope that this hasn't taken time away from your handing out his speaker literature at air ports.
Wow Maxgain, some real issues there. I too stopped righting here for awhile. But came back cause I enjoy the interaction of audiophiles like yourself. I don't hang out in airports, especially now that they aren't the safe place in the world. And I don't think Richards personnality is justifiable. But being a police officer as I am, you do incounter many personnalities and some just like Richard. By all means he could definely work on his social skills, but apparently he spends his extra time on his subs. Note I didn't say speakers cause I have listened to them and I'm not impressed with them(no offense, to each there own), but he does make fabulous subs. If he was rude to me on the phone I might let it go cause I don't know what kind of day he may have had, but if I met him in person and he was rude I'd probably tell him to go F#%* himself. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and always attempt to be curteous even when they're rude. I don't consider myself a brown noser for buying his product, hell its a good product. Just cause the man is unsocial I can't deprive myself of something so good. Why call the receptionist for a doctor's question. Call the source and don't waste time. If you don't like the personality, did you like the answer? Quick story: When I was much younger I work in a very elite spa in Fl. where all the wealthy people vaka'd. Some I remember, one guy owned one of the largest steel companies in the U.S, another was a famous painter and one was the owner(female) of a style magazine and all of them I remember as being extremely rude, but I still buy products made of steel, enjoy art and my wife buy's a magazine here and there. So I guess my needs exceedes my interaction with these people. Note: Met Sugar Ray Leonard... nice guy.

One person said he has met him in person. Probably out of his element to. You're at work in your deepest thought, with the phone intruptions 200 times a day you try to readjust your mind just to answer questions and be somewhat social at a time that you haven't any time. You'd be a different person outside to.
More real and likeable maybe? Like, at a party. Or are you always a party person even at work? Pete
"I do think that most of the above posters missed the point entirely or else you are just huge suck ups & brown nosers!..."

Get a grip, Maxgain. I do hope that you are able to get the information that you need, but I do think your ascribing of dubious motives to and characterizations of other participants are not accurate or constructive.
I was suprised today to recieve a call from Mr. Vandersteen today in response to the letter I had written. Although he did still seem frustrated with me, I must say that it was a very nice gesture on his part to call me. I will Apologize to him here publicly for going off about this matter. I am going to forget about the X-over for a while and just go back listening to music.

the final chapter from "The Further Misadventures of Maxgain"
Max- takes a big man to go public with a turn-around. Sorry that you had trouble, but glad to hear that it has turned out OK.
Having read this and the related thread, it makes me wonder WHY so many people have to call?