REL Storm III or Strata III

I've read great reviews for both subs. I'm looking for the best complement for my main speakers (Thiel 22's) and listening room (15x16x7). I'm runniing plenty of power to my Thiels (400wpc) and they sound great. I am planning to add a sub primarily because of a recent addition to Home Theater but also want the best audio for my two channel. I'm leaning to the Strata III because of what I've read, they have a slightly tighter sound with no ill effects of a ported design to that of the Storm III. Also if I come to the conclusion that the Strata cannot kept up with my Thiels, I could always mortgage my home and get a second Strata. I really don't want to go that route if the Storm is all that I will ever need. Anyone who as owned or heard both in the same listening room, please give me some feedback. Thanks
They are both nice subs. I would ignore the comments about the ported design. I believe it is more a problem with the operator not knowing how to setup an integrate the sub. The ported design enables the Storm to go deeper than the Stratus. Do not assume that the persons posting reviews on places like Audioreview and the like know what they are doing. Most of the subs higher up the ladder than the Storm are also ported. Someone made the same comments about port noise in the Stadium. If you want two subs, one better one is usually better than two cheaper ones. Especially since you can always add the second one later when your budget allows.

The way to tighten up the bass in the Storm if you feel it is needed is to replace the stock power cord with something better (2 meter cord). Happy listening.

The Storm is not ported, the next model up the Stadium has a port.....Storm III probably more suited to your room size and intended use...those are nice speakers.
I have the Strata III, I have heard the Storm, both are great. I would use the Storm in a bigger room than the size you have. They main reason to have two subs is to eliminate standing waves, so the effect of two Strata III's or two Storms would not be very different. One Storm is not better than two Strata III's. Unless you want to wake the dead, one Strata III is plenty. Good luck.
I have a storm II in a larger room than yours and it does the job quite nicely. There are no problems with port design and it integrates quite well with tight bass. Definitely favors the musical rather than the HT side of things. If you prefer to stick with one rather than 2 subs you will not make a mistake with the storm. I picked mine up on audiogon for about $800. If you E mail Rel they will tell you the higher the model the more musical.
I own a Strata as well an use it in my 14 by 8 by 11 room. with the gain set at 50% of max setting, it is more than enough and integrates beautifully with my speakers. The system goes down clean to 20 Hz (using the Rat Shcak meter with correction factors and a test CD track). The 60 W power rating on the amp is deceptive. It puts out way more music than you'd think!
Some time ago I was exactly in the same situation and read the same reviews. I had a chance to compare Strata III and Storm III at dealer room with different speakers and I can say that Storm sounds much much more natural and musical. Both of them are very nice, but Storm definetely just is one level up.
Now I have it in my 12x14x8 room and realize how much low musical info I had been missing without it. I don't think(at least for now) that I'll ever need second one.
I use two Rel Stentors and the addition of the second sub made some suprising diffrences. It didnt just help the bass it actually opened the soundstage and increased stereo seperation. It cleaned the sound up and articulated fine detail through the whole frequency range.

That said I would buy the best Rel you can afford. You can always upgrade down the road and get a second one.
The Strata III has 100 watts if I am not mistaken, I believe it is the Strata II that has 60 watts.
Correct, and the Storm II was 100 watts; the Storm III is 150 watts. Go to and read their reviews on both the Storm III and Stratus III. They are a mid-fi and budget audiophile magazine. The rated the Storm III their favorite of all subwoofers in the price ranges they review.
Thanks to all those who responded. Your information and feedback in greatly appreciated.