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Speakers or Amplifier
The JL's are great subs and integrate well. I have a pair of F110's and they are very musical. JL suggests crossing at 80 and I think that is a bad idea with full range speakers. I have mine crossed at 45. Read Valin's review in the Absolute Sound... 
Equitech 3RQE – Any comment?
The Equitech website will have answers to all your questions including retail pricing and power capacity. The 3RQE retails at about $7,400. I have a 2RQ and it handles everything I throw at it. Pre Amp, Mono Blocks, DAC, Transport and a few access... 
Equitech Model Q vs PS Audio P10
I have two system and two Equip-tech Q's. Both were purchased used and I have been running them over five years. They sound great and I have had zero problems with them. I wonder if the poster complaining about service bought a used unit that was ... 
dumb question, streaming music to a preamp?
Audio Engine D2 wireless DAC works very well. One unit hooks up to usb port of computer other unit to receiver or preamp. Will play anything that is playing on computer such as spotify. 
Any good HiFi Audio Repair shops in S.F. Bay Area?
Nick Gowen at True Sound. He is the best. 
Which Speakers to use with a Shanling - MC-30
The Audio Note HE's (high efficiency) will work. Probably some of the single driver speakers will. You might ask audio advisor for suggestions I believe they sell the the Shanling. You probably could do a search on speakers people are using with 2... 
Cary 300SEI & Western Electric 300b
The only mistake you made is not using the WE's from the start. 
Best Integrated Amp Of All Times?
The Ongaku is the best I have heard integrated or seperates. 
Spectral Transport + Audio Note 3.1 Dac- WOW
I agree with Sutts on the AN transport. I have two systems. One with an AN DAC 3.1 Sig and the other with an AN DAC 4.1 Sig. I use the Vecteur D - 2 transport in both. Excellent tops the AN easily and only costs about 1K. The only thing I have hea... 
Meadowlark Kestral Hotrods vs. Shearwater Hotrods
I have owned Kestral HO's, have heard Shearwater HO's, and own Heron HO's. For a large room get the Herons. Not only do they sound better in every aspect but you really need a sub with the Kestral's and Shearwater's. A sub is definitely not necess... 
AudioNote M6 pre-amp
I have an M3 and it is the best I have heard. The M6 is at an even higher level. I don't see how you could make a mistake. 
Rollerblocks Series 1 vs. Series 2
They go into it on their web site. 
Which speakers do you use with Tenor 75 watt amps
I am not a Tenor owner but do use SET's, and I believe the types of speakers they are happy with do not differ that much. I have some Lamhorns with rep drivers that are excellent. I believe they made quite an impression at a show when powered by T... 
Speakers for 50W Triode tube amp
I have a Meadowlark Hot Rod Herron that works very nicely with an 18 watt Audio Note P2. 
UsedMeadowlark "Heron" i vs Von Schweikert VR-4G3?
I have the Heron Hot Rods in my second system. They are a very fine speaker and associated equipment can make a very big difference. They are good enough to show any weaknesses. They are very efficient. I am running mine through an 18 watt Audio N...