REL strata vs. storm and room size

I need some help. I have B&W sig 805's with a Trivista int amp, and I want to add a rel sw for 2 ch. music only, it will not be used for HT. My room is 18x20. Will the strata be the right size? or should i go with the larger storm. I'm not a fan of booming bass, but I would like to hear more of the lower end that I know I'm missing now and it seems that rel owners are very happy with their sw.
neither . for a room that size the stadium 3 would be the starting point. there are a couple of stadium 3 for sale on this site now. i just sold mine but there are others . the reason i know this is i have talked to sumiko the distributor of rel and a room that size would be the stadium or the stentor. rel also does not recommend 2 subs just in case you get advice to do that. i already asked them
The biggest difference between the two is that the Strata is a closed box design and the Storm is a ported design. The usual design trade-off's apply: the Strata provides less, though tighter bass and the Storm provides more, looser bass. For stereo listening of acoustic music, most users prefer the Strata. Rock listeners prefer the Storm.

The Stadium and the Stentor are also ported designs but seem a little lighter on their feet than the Storm. Still, I prefer the Strata even over the Stadium. The Stentor, is really, really good, but out of my price range.

That said, I listen to acoustic jazz in a smaller listening room--about 13 x 20. For my stereo listening, one Strata is all I need. For home theater in the same room, I hook up a second Strata on an opposite wall that runs only as a .1 channel sub.

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My room is 14 X 26 X 9 and I had both the Storm and the Stadium in my system for audition. I went with the Stadium. It is a more substantial piece. My experience was different from the above post in that I found the Stadium to have more AND better bass. Very controlled, easily adjustible, powerful and a pretty seamless blend. The Storm was nice but if you really want that bottom end weight (without the boom) go for the Stadium. Of course, room acoustics play a big role in the performance you will hear. FWIW I ultimately ditched the sub in favor of new electronics. You would be surprised how deep your speakers will go with the right engine driving them. Good Luck!
thanks for all your responses; i'll let you know what i end up with.
Riverside13--just to finish the thread above as I had to cut it short. What I was trying to convey at the end is that no matter how good the Rel Stadium (or other quality sub) are, I have learned by experience that for two channel audio a subwoofer is really not ideal. The Rel blended about as well as one could hope, given the high level connection and tune to room instructions. However, what I found over time is that getting a sub to sound "right" on every track is not easy to do. Sometimes it provided too much bloom and bloat. Othertimes I felt it wasn't really in my system at all. When I shut it off and took it out of my system yeah, I missed the deepest bass, but the music simply sounded more "right". By substantally upgrading my electronics I picked up much of the deep bass I lost and had a more integrated sound. Of course, your experience may be different (room acoustics, etc etc) but just thought I would try to encourage you to consider NOT using the sub as an option. If you use one, the Rel is super.