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Your Music Server
All CD's ripped to AIF files to a 400GB Western Digital External USB hard drive using Apple iTunes. PC is located in a separate room to eliminate fan noise and connected to a Roku Soundbridge via Ethernet or wireless connection. The Roku has a dig... 
Whatever Happened To SAE?
Gunbei,How about "Dimensions in Stereo" in the Old Towne Mall. Threshold, Dalquist, Tanberg and Revox. Remember the old guy in the bean bag chair? 
Small form factor, budget DACs?
I’ve got to chime in here. I’ve owned an Audio Mirror for a number of months and have experienced what everyone is talking about regarding NOS DAC’s. I couldn’t be happier with mine. One of my biggest frustrations is this crazy hobby is a bad soun... 
In Praise of Computer Audio
Matt,I share your enthusiasm regarding your new digital setup. I too recently made the conversion going the ethernet vs. your USB setup. I'm sure both are very close in overall sound. I am using an Audio Mirror non oversampling DAC in conjunction ... 
Roku SoundBridge vs. SqueezBox3
Artizen565,I too had a few problems with my Soundbridge loosing my network connection. Try deleting iTunes and Roku in your "exceptions" in your firewall settings in Windows and then add them back in again. I got rid of my SACD player as I was usi... 
Jeff Rowland with Rel sub
I had the same problem with my JRDG 201 monos. The fix was simple, you have to lift the grounds on the Rowland. Use a cheater plug on the AC chord. I also have to disconnect my HT processor to the RCA input on the sub when listening to 2-channel. ... 
Analog Lovers and Filterless DACs
I agree with Kublakahn. I'm in the process of ripping my CD collection as I made the switch a couple of weeks ago. Using a computer with music stored on a hard drive in conjunction with an outboard DAC will give you amazing results. I replaced my ... 
Best Integrated for JM Labs Micro Utopia BE
I'm driving my Micro Utopia Be's with a pair of JRDG 201 monoblocks. I don't think its overkill at all. I play my music pretty loud at times and the Utopia's can rock and never sound strained. I believe that more drivers are blown because of amps ... 
Simple Digital Music Server - Opinions Please
I could not be happier with the results of my digital music server. I’m using the Audio Mirror D-1 non over-sampling DAC with the Roku M2000. Sound quality is vastly better than the Marantz SA-14 SACD player. Music presentation is smoother and qui... 
Mini Monitors - Dynaudio and JM Labs
Purchased the JM Lab Mirco Utopia's with Utopia stands. They are incredible in every way. 
Simple Digital Music Server - Opinions Please
I stand corrected. Roku does not support Apple Lossless but does support FLAC. Because I use my iPod at work daily, I've really have no choice but to use AIFF files.A initial listening session to my hard drive digital server is very promising. 
Simple Digital Music Server - Opinions Please
Thank you for all of those who responded. I've decided and purchased the Roku M2000 and it does support Apple Lossless. I must say that I'm quite impressed with the build quality of Roku. All of that brushed aluminum for $500. It fits right in wit... 
Room Design for Best sound?
I'd recommend Robert Harley's "The Complete Guide to High-End Audio". It has a section on "The Room", treatments and speaker placement that is very informative and helpful. 
Need help with Component vs. HDMI vs. DVI
There is no picture difference between HDMI and DVI except HDMI includes audio. In my opinion, on a 32" set, you will not see a noticable difference between component and DVI or HDMI. 
Mini Monitors - Dynaudio and JM Labs
Lousyreeds1, I believe my Thiel's are time/phase coherent.