Dummies guide to connecting a REL Strata III Sub

I would like to connect a sub (maybe two) to my system, but I cannot go through the preamp because it is mounted in a little closet in my listening room and I have put my speaker wire in the wall to hide them (I know....I can hear the growning from the audiophiles....but had to do it....WAF).

Anyway, given this restriction, how can I connect a Sub (or two) to my system? Do I go from the sub, to my speakers and then my speakers to the my speaker connector wall plate (where my speaker wire is ported) -- which is ultimately connected to my amp in the closet?

Also, can anyone tell me if the REL Strata III is capable of being connected via the speakers using speaker cable and bipassing the preamp all together?

Last but not least, by bipassing the preamp, will this cause any sonic deficiencies?

I need step by step instructions! :)


Hi Mike
Well,the way I understand it works is that the signal from the power amp goes to your main speakers.The left channel signal goes to the left speaker with the positive and the negative wires and gets split up at the internal crossover of the speaker.
The low ,mid and high frequencies are routed to the corresponding drivers.Same with the right channel.Now to add a subwoofer .The subs usually come with their own exclusive power amp and crossover.Basically their power amp is a stripped down power amp ,because it is not required to reproduce full range frequencies but only the lows.Say below 120Hz or something.My sub is of that design and has it's own amp so it gets connected to the line out(tape loop) of my pre-amp to get signal feed.Now there are subs with different connection but I think you need an out board crossover or something.Also there are complete three piece systems but the crossover is housed somewhere to do the signal split.
I am not an expert here,though.If the sub you mentioned comes with a build in crossover then you probably can feed it a signal from your power amp.It all depends on the design I guess.I hope this helps .Most likely you were aware of it anyway.
The REL Strata should have come with a wire terminated with a Neutrik XLR type plug and this plugs into the woofer. The other three wires (red, yellow, and black) are to be connected to the speaker terminals of your amplifier (right next to the wires going to your main speakers). Connect the red wire to the right channel positive terminal and the yellow one to the left positive terminal. Connect the black wire to either of the ground terminals; matters not which one.

Adjust the crossover point and the output level.


In other words: don't use the RCA level connection..this sub is designed to work best with the amplifier connections
C123666 is right on the money. You should have received the appropriate cable to do this. The benefit is that the sub retains the character of your chosen power amp. I've owned the Strata III and it a wonderful sub for the money.
I use the Strata III in this way and it is shockingly good. IMO.
Get the current issue of Hi-Fi+.
There is a great article on sub setup.