Rega TT-PSU drops right channel

Hi everyone. Recently my RP6 starting dropping the right channel as soon as the needle hit the record. My routine is (with the TT-PSU powered off):

- place the record on the platter after a nitty gritty clean
- power up the TT-PSU while giving the platter a nudge
- clean record with anti-static carbon brush
- needle drop

First I thought a tonearm wire was loose on the cartridge or something along that line. But, if I switch the TT-PSU to 45 and then back to 33 my right channel works just fine. I know Regas ground to the right channel. Could something be wrong with the cable between the TT-PSU and the table? TT-PSU malfunctioning (I think it is still under warranty).

Thoughts / recommendations? TIA
check cartridge clips in place tight.
Scott...IMHO it's not the power supply. The motor/power supply is in no way electronically connected to the tonearm.

If you are switching the PSU from 33 to 45 and back again with the record playing, it is probably the little extra vibration and/or the increase/decrease in speed that accompanies this switch that is acting upon the cantilever/tonearm and bringing the right channel back.

Really the only way to troubleshoot this is to maybe take your table to a dealer and swap out the table/psu one at a time to see what the deal is.

I personally think it has to be either the cartridge or tonearm wiring that is a fault.
I did unconnect and reconnect the cartridge clips. When the right channel is out I do get a 60hz hum in the same channel.
Just found this. Interesting...
@Sbrownnw - Thanks for the link, that is very interesting. I don't mean to deviate from the subject but can you provide your take on the Groovetracer RP6 subplatter? What changed and do you feel it was a worthwhile investment?
I can reproduce this scenario with the needle not on the record by:

- play record at 33, right channel is out
- lift tonearm
- switch TTPSU to 45, then to 33
- tonearm / needle down, both channels work great

The groovetracer ref subplatter is how the table should have come. Mine spins freer / longer than the factory RP8 subplatter.
Scott...weird dude! Try doing the same scenario you mention
above but don't "switch TTPSU to 45, then to 33", just
raise and then lower the arm and see if this works.

By raising and lowering the arm you are flexing the wire
inside the arm tube and this might be what is causing the

I know the RP6 uses that new metal support beam that runs
from the arm base to the spindle. Maybe this is somehow
" electronically coupling" the arm to the

I'm just grasping at straws here, but I really don't
understand how an isolated tonearm can be interfered with by
a separate power supply unit?

My new routine is:

- put on record after cleaning
- turn on TTPSU (usually at 33)
- switch to 45 on TTPSU
- clean record with carbon antistatic brush
- switch back to 33
- needle drop (first time tonearm, cue has been touched)

I've never had a right channel out problem with the above order of steps. I almost always get the right channel out problems if I do not do the 3rd (and 5th) steps.

My dealer has told me in the past (before this problem started) that Regas ground to the right channel and do not use a separate ground wire. Is this achieved through the tonearm wires right to the RCA male plugs or is the TTPSU involved in the right channel ground?
Scott, the ground wire for the tonearm is soldered to the inside wall of the arm tube, (well, on the old style RB250/300 series it was anyway).

Why don't you try to call Rick at Audio Alternatives in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is not only a master Linn turntable guru, but has sold Rega longer than probably anyone in the states. Maybe he has encountered this and will know how to fix it.

Please let us know what you find out.
I had a Rega 3 or 6 (don't remember which) which cut out on one channel too. It was the cable running through the tonearm that caused the prob. Don't know if this helps or confuses.

I love Rega but their "QC" is lousy.
Have you tried playing a record without the TT-PSU ? Disconnect the TT-PSU and plug the table with its original power cord into the wall outlet (or your power conditioner.) How is the right channel now ? If all is well, then your TT-PSU is defective and should be replaced.
Hey .... I just realized, after posting my above comments, that your RP6 may not have its own power cord and you may not be able to bypass the TT-PSU.. With my P3-24, the TT-PSU was an addition, and although it makes the table better in many ways, it's not required for the table to function.
I have one thing to add - if your PSU is a separate unit, like mine that I use for my P5, I was told when I purchased it that it will function better if it is not turned off - I always leave mine on, and have never had any problems with it.
Looks like reversing (reseeding, but I tried that before?) the power cable between the TTPSU and the RP6 fixed my problem. I think the rega right channel ground was not right somehow.
Scott, glad you got it fixed! I still don't understand how a power supply can affect the ground on an isolated tonearm?

I've seen many things in all the years I was in the high-end audio business, so really nothing should shock me. I'll add this to my collection.

Thanks for reporting back on the cure...
Fingers crossed.
Still no problems after the cable reversal and about 10 LPs, some 45s.
OK, I now know for sure what caused this hum problem. There is a RCA cable retainer on the RP6 that prevents the cables from pulling on / away from where the RCAs enter into the plinth. Somehow the RCA cables had moved in the cable retainer and was causing hum some or most of the time (probably due to the inertia of the platter starting). After adjusting the cable position in the retainer I found the sweet spot where there is no hum at all and now my phono preamp sounds the quietest it has even been with the volume at 60%+. Hope this helps other Rega owners...
Scott...thanks for the update. I was pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with the power supply.

If you have to dress the cable just right in the retainer clip to keep it from humming, then there has to be a break somewhere in the cable. Either in the cable jacket or at the point where the cable enters the tonearm itself.

It seems you have it solved for now, but it really should be fixed permanently. I would take the arm off and send it back to The Sound Organization, (the Rega importer here in the states) and have them fix it or replace it. Is it still under warranty?

This will probably just continue to get worse until you fix it for good.
I think you might be discussing where rega grounds their tt, which, if you remove the end stub you will see a compression clip secured in the end part of the threads. It sounds like this has come loose. Check it out and just re secure it and your hum problem should be resolved for ever.
I had the RCA cable replaced under warranty and the problem is gone. I also had the RCA connectors upgraded to Furutech 126(g). I would recommend this upgrade for anyone with a rega deck.