Right Channel Lag

Never had this happen before. Hoping someone can tell me why. Whenever I use any of my sources, CD, TT, or tuner and begin to turn up the gain, sound always comes from my left channel speaker before the right. I've switched interconnects and swapped right channel for left. Then, it is the right (formerly left) channel that comes in first. Where do I look to source this problem. I should mention that after volume is at normal levels there does not seem to be an obvious imbalance between the two channels.
does your processor allow you to configure delay in your speakers? -aj
Sorry, should have provided more detail, I guess. I am not using a processor. Using a Pass Labs X-250 amp, Kora Eclipse preamp, and Vandersteen 3e speakers. Same result using all sources, and I've switched IC's and reversed connections, so I gotta think it is the amp or pre. Maybe this is nothing to fret over, I just don't know.
Sounds like the attenuator in the preamp is not tracking at the same rate for both channels. It is not uncommon for this to happen from what i've seen.

The manufacturer of one of my preamps literally charts the difference in gain settings as one progresses through the volume control. They do this as standard practice when one of their units are sent in for repairs or inspection. It was viewing these results that made me start checking into precision stepped attenuators. The pots used for volume on this preamp are literally "mil-spec" devices. Even using what were probably some of the finest pots available at the time, the results were not nearly as linear in tracking left to right as i would have liked to have seen. You may be having similar problems.

If one of the units is tubed, the tubes from one channel could have slightly different gain curves as compared to those of the other channel. Sean
Hello Motdathird,

Judging by what you have said so far, My opinion would be you have a dead spot towards the bottom of the volume control on the preamp(minimum volume).
I could not swear to this without actually having the unit(s) in front of me.
There are other common possibilities(faulty speaker relays in amp, or muting relays in preamp if used in either),but the more common of them is the volume potentiometer.
As long as the system works well at listening levels that suit you, and you don't hear any distortion this should not be a problem.
If the system exhibits any distortion, or causes static. or over-excursion of the speakers it would be a good idea to have it professionally checked out(start with the preamp, then the amp).
Good Luck, I hope this helps.

Thanks for the responses. As a first attempt I am going to switch to another set of tubes in the pre to see if one of Sean's theories might identify the culprit. Will also run my tuner directly to the amp to see if I can eliminate the amp as a source of trouble.
Mot, leave the same tubes in the preamp, just switch the channels that they are operating in. If the "lag" changes channels along with the tube swap, you've found your culprit. If not, time to call up Sherlock Holmes : ) Sean