Recommend small, low power but low noise monoblocks

I've long thought I'd like to go to try build an active crossover system with dedicated monoblock amps driving high efficiency speakers. (2 way system only)

What amps would you suggest?

I listen to chamber music, acoustic and some jazz at low to moderate volume levels.

This would be a computer based source.

I'm willing to entertain the possibility of a DIY route if that works best. I have some rudimentary DIY skills -- I managed a successful assembly of a Bottlehead Preamp.

I really want neutral sound with a very low noise floor. I think I prefer the no fuss of solid state but would not rule out tubes.

Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.

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For the lowest noise and extended frequency response, for a tweeter amp I would go low power (10-20w) Class A solid state.
Perhaps seeing you can diy, I would look at one of Nelson Pass small class A’s First Watt type in kit form, many clones on ebay..

I built this little 20watter classA back in the 70's measured ultra stable and flat to 150khz driving just the 4x treble panels of double stacked Quad 57's with a Decca Kelly ribbon passively cross at 10khz magnificent extended highs, (no tube could match it).   


Cheers George
I have a pair of Quicksilver Mid Mono amps and they are can run EL34, 6l6, KT66, KT77, KT88 ......  40 watts, quietest amps I've ever owned.   They make two smaller versions for more efficient speakers.   
+1 oddiofyl,
Check these out! If you only need 25 watts these are a bargain!
The best amp I have ever heard is First Watt SIT-1 which a friend of mine wanted to hear with my speakers. They were not powerful enough for my speakers, but it sounded much much better than any other amps that I heard with my B&W 800d. Since then, I start wishing my speakers would be more efficient...

It is a class A amp.
I have these Dayens Monoblocks:
Truly excellent price/performance ratio; very small & very cool.

First Watt DIY sounds like a perfect fit for you. I've heard many all punching way above their weight class and without doping ;-).
I have a Forte' system ( Nelson Pass Design ) model 7 mono blocks / 75watts; pure class A and matching model 40 preamp w/ Phonostage
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I'd look at a pair of NuPrime STA-9's. Lots of flexibility down the road. 

Or for less money go for a pair of Parasound ZAmps. I've used them in both stereo and bridged mono and they are excellent for the money. Truly standouts in the Z line. 

- Woody
I own the parasound zamp v3, great amp! Btw, Woody, would you say its worth the upgrade to the nuprime sta 9?? How would you compare their sound? Would you say the parasound is warmer in comparisson?