Ready to RUMBLE

My Rega P9/Lyra Delos on a Gingko Cloud 14A platform is causing rumble problems with my subwoofer - it dances around during quiet passages with volume above 45 watts. Mt McIntosh C2300 pre does not have a rumble filter - what can I do to tame this annoying problem?
Have you tried taking it off the Gingko? I have a P25 and tried a Gingko and sent it back. I found a Base and AQ feet to isolate best on Regas design. You'll love the Delos by the way.
Perhaps not a direct answer to your question but here also rumble problems.
VPI Scoutmaster Signature/Benz wood SL/Nagra BPS/Quad 99 - no subsonic filter.
50% of the lp's are OK
25% are more or less OK
25% are bad
So I think it is not the system.
I don't know why people call it "subsonic" ; I can hear it very well if a record is bad.
Been looking around for some external subsonic filtre but not much choise available.
The KAB RF1 is a possibilaty but I'm not used to buying in the US (I live in Europe)and I fear that it will influence the sound.
Any advice appreciated.
You should try Theo's advice and attempt to eliminate the rumble mechanically. If it doesn't work, I recommend the KAB rumble filter, which at a very reasonable price will eliminate rumble and might actually improve the sound by relieving the amps from trying to reproduce infrasonic frequencies, and removing the unnecessary and possibly harmful fluttering of the subwoofer.
I also own a P9 and a C2300. I have hardwood floors and a large KCS basshorn in my room. I had a rumble issue prior to installing a rega wall shelf. I previously had my P9 on a 3 inch maple slab with brass points on a Billy Bags stand. Now I do not have an issue thanks to the isolation of the shelf. I recommend that you attempt to isolate your table via a wall shelf prior to installing a rumble filter in the signal. Make sure that you mount it directly into the studs.

Thank you Rich62. I am finding most of my issues are LP related and not hardware related.
Some LPs have infrasonic frequencies "cut" into the record grooves as the master disc is made. I experienced it mostly with classic rock records, not as much with jazz records. I understand warps can also cause rumble. The KAB website explains it in more detail.

Any type of filtering is controversial among audiophiles as it messes with the signal and adds another component in the signal path so purists frown upon it. I had a rumble problem with my previous setup and I couldn't bear looking at the woofers jumping out of the speakers sometimes even before the record began to play. I got the KAB and never looked back. From the many rumble threads on A-gon over the last few years feedback from the KAB owners appears to be overwhelmingly positive. My experience has certainly been just that.
I used to have issues with my non-sprung table on a very springy hardwood floor years ago. I ended up buying the Machina Dynamica Promethean Base which uses heavy duty springs sandwiched between maple isolation bases. Footfalls were nearly non existent and the sound improved dramatically.

I had the same problem but with my speakers. I had
my TT on Gingko Mini Clouds, switched to Nordost Pulsar
Points & the problem went away. So like everyone else
said it's probably an isolation problem.
My problem turned out to be a LP related problem. Only had this problem with one particular LP - BethHart/Joe Bonamassa 'Don't Explain'. I enjoy this LP bu tthe woofer travel is unbearable.