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Accuphase Integrated Amp - E600 or E470
noelpastor   - You live in a "smal 1BR apartment"   - You are building a second system with E600 or E470I apologize for being curious but what is your first system en where do you place both systems  :-) ?I can  
Does anyone use a RUMBLE filter?
No arm/cartridge mismatch here.Some vinyl is 100% ok, no pumping at all, and some lp's are for sure the source of the rumble (you hear it on all the turntables I try). 
Which Rel subwoofer
I combine Dynaudio 1.3SE with R205 (succeeded by the R218 I think).In my room (rather small : 24 m2 +/- 250 ft2)it works fine.If your room is larger and presuming the C1 has better bass than the 1.3SE, perhaps the R-328 is a better choice. 
Quad 99 preamp/909 amplifier combo
I have both combined with Dynaudio 1.3SEFor me the sound is great but I must admit that over the years I did not compare very much.From 1972 untill now I had the 44/405, 44/606 and 99/909 combinations.Reliability is top and the tone control (hated... 
Ready to RUMBLE
Perhaps not a direct answer to your question but here also rumble problems.VPI Scoutmaster Signature/Benz wood SL/Nagra BPS/Quad 99 - no subsonic filter.50% of the lp's are OK25% are more or less OK25% are badSo I think it is not the system.I don'... 
Subwoofwer for Dynaudio
I have Dynaudio 1.3SE myself.Amplifier is Quad 99/909.I use a REL R-205.Sounds good to me but I did not compare to other subs.Room is rather small (6x4 meter)Never had any problem concerning reliability. 
I'm looking for good pre amp with bass & treble
Quad 99 
LP care
Syntax,L'art du son indeed is ok for what it is meant to do (cleaning the record) but be careful.I didn't use my cleaning machine (Clearaudio Matrix) for a while and some white slime (fungus ?) obstructed the drainage pipe.Took me quite some time ...