Quick Question - why does there seem to be a lot of Sonus Faber Sperkaers for sale !!!!

I was looking through the full range speakers section while I should be working  - ( still home due to COVID 19 ) and was amazed at just how many Sonus Faber speakers there are for sale here on Audiogon. Speakers are personal taste but looking for a business reason as to why or maybe it is due to COVID we are all just trading up and buying new ones ?  I am not looking for any disparaging comments against SF as they make some good speakers, but just take a look and it is readily apparent that something is going on. Stay well everyone …..      
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They have sold in pretty great numbers, lots of them out there. 
Personally, I've always admired their looks more than just about anything out there. They always make my short list and each time come in 3rd or 4th. Maybe others are going through similar thoughts post-purchase? Cheers,
It is a very popular speaker in some parts of the world in the US for example you will see more Fords and Chryslers for sale than you will BMW or Audi it's the same thig.
It should be obvious, but I'll try to provide the answer for you. Sonus Faber has many different models, and generations of past models going back more than thirty years. They're bought by audiophiles who, as was said above, like to trade up. No speaker is perfect but it's unlikely that you will hear disparaging comments here. SF makes great speakers!
Not sure but up here in Boston there is a set of Concertinos, no stands ....$1400 ??????   Crazy
Had a chance to buy original Extremas for $11,000 and passed. The ones that got away...
ebm .....thanks but take a look at the used ones here on Audiogon. It has to mean ;  ''absolutely something ''.