Problems with Innuos Music Library missing covers

I have been operating my Innuos Zen mk ii into the Ayre Codex through a USB hub. I have slowly been cleaning up the large library file by associating cover art where it is missing, but for the last 2 days it cannot find any covers. Has anyone had this recent problem?
I haven't. Are you up to date on the Innous software?
When coming against such problems, it would be best to contact Innous directly. They always answered my queries.
Firmware is 1.4.7. Sent Innuos a note Friday.
It finds a cover for new rips, but not for previous files which are missing the art for the last few days.
Ahh, I hate it when software goes wonky.
Though the remedy is usually something quite simple.
Give Innous a chance to remedy. 
If you don't get a response, let me know.


Response from Innuos today: " This is indeed a known recent issue. It's fixed and will be on the 1.4.8 update in a couple of weeks "
@oldears ,
At least, you know you are not alone.
Hopefully, the update will fix you issues. Even if it doesn't, I am sure Innous will work with you to find a remedy.
I did much the same with Bluesound. Though it was a bear to slog through, they did eventually find a solution.
The big problem with streaming is the integration of so many different programs from different vendors into a single app. I like to think we are on the cutting edge...
Interesting. I’ve had this problem a few times but a library rescan/rebuild has always fixed it. Good to know 1.4.8 is on its way given that 2.0 is expected by the end of May.