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Chord M-Scaler and Should I Want One?
I wouldn’t say the M-Scaler is about clarity. It’s more about weight, balance and a certain relaxed naturalness.   
Innuos Network Isolation Switch and Reclocker (Phoenix)
And the two exceptions are?  
Two audio components no one really talks about
Blimey. For the past five years or so I’d say the one thing which comes up mote than anything else is “the room”. A whole industry growing up around room correction; measurement; DSP and so on.    Hearing gets mentioned in passing but often dismi... 
Innuos Network Isolation Switch and Reclocker (Phoenix)
It includes running Roon in either mode. Innuos don’t tend to make any noise about when updates change the sound quality but users do. There has been no noise around the latest update having any impact on sound quality. Incidentally if you’re runn... 
For those that have separate Streamers & DACS
Nobody noticed that Innuos now produce a series of streamers then?  
Innuos Network Isolation Switch and Reclocker (Phoenix)
I suspect something may be amiss with your system. Hard to tell obviously but my move from Roon to Sense and back occasionally always produces a significant uplift in impact as you call it when I used Sense. There is an overwhelming consensus at t... 
Innuos Network Isolation Switch and Reclocker (Phoenix)
The original release of Sense had a major bug which took several release to sort. Since then it works seamlessly. I’m on the beta with full Tidal integration and it strikes me as ready for release. I’ve flipped back and forth with Roon trials but ... 
Innuos Network Isolation Switch and Reclocker (Phoenix)
I’m more interested in your initial dissatisfaction with the Zenith. Since the advent of 2.0 and Sense the Zenith sounds way better than the Zenith using Roon.   
Innuos 2.1.0 upgrade
Due to go public by the end of this month but obviously it depends on what bugs get thrown up. I’ve not noticed any deal-breakers so far so fingers crossed.  
Another person going digital and full of questions
The range of products and opinions can be bewildering so I would start from a different angle. You want something to “complement” your other sources. What does that mean? Are you talking about a comparable sound? If so then that narrows your optio... 
Innuos Zen MK3 vs Aurender N100
Will you hear a difference moving from a Mac Min? Yes, absolutely huge. The difference between a Zen Mini with LPS and the Zen is still noticeable and, as already stated, if you aren’t going to use the DAC in the Mini then you don’t need a Mini. I... 
Innuos 2.1.0 upgrade
Currently beta testing. No difference in sound quality but we now have Tidal integration which matches the existing Qobuz integration and it’s all you would hope. Doesn’t include MQA as yet but that’s not a deal breaker for me. Identified one bug,... 
Streamer important?
Actually the implementation of the app can have considerable influence on the sound depending on how it interacts with the server/streamer as Innuos have demonstrated.  
peachtree gan 400 is very good
I think there’s a strong argument that the amps which immediately impress are the ones to hesitate about and the ones which make no immediate impression are often worthy of more thought. That’s not an absolute rule obviously but I do think it gene... 
Eric Clapton reveals this week of his declining health
In the 60s I totally get what the fuss about Clapton was. From then on, not at all. I’ve little respect for the “…but live…” argument either. His Albert Hall and other residencies were the very definition of middle aged complacency. A night down t...