Problem with Supratek Preamp or Musetax Bidat DAC?

Hi Folks:
I'm currently not getting any sound when I try to play DVD or CD through my system. Vinyl works just fine, through my Supratek Syrah full function preamp. So, I'm assuming the DAC is the problem. Still, could it be that the phono in my syrah preamp is working fine, but something is amiss with the line stage? I've tried different interconnects between the Syrah and the Muse, and have switched between digital cable and toslink from home theatre PC and CD Transport, but I get no sound with any combination. I do find that the Bidat does 'pick up' the signal (the blue led does light up to signal that it's locked onto the input signal from the digital source). Still, I get no sound output.

Well, any and all input welcome. I hope I can solve this one. Maybe this is a good excuse to get my Bidat updated to latest 'Plus' version by Mr. Wright..

Thanks in advance,
i would run a set of analog cables from your cd / dvd player direct into the supratek. if you get no sound, then the supratek may be to blame. also, check to make sure you don't have your tape monitor switch in the wrong position. i've read of other supratek owners having "no sound" problems and most of the time, it was the tape monitor switch. good luck.
IIRC, the phono stage provides RIAA equalization and initial gain (to "line level"), before handing the signal off to the line stage. If so, then your line stage is working. 'course, I could be wrong.
Hi Outlier - My Cortese/BiDat combo did this from time to time after I had disconnected the DC power cord to moved/reposition the Supratek. Carefully disconnecting and then reattaching the DC power cord on the Supratek seemed to correct the problem. I always found it strange that the Supratek "lit up" and appeared to be working even though the power cord wasn't in correctly.

Also... Sometimes the BiDats just quit working (temporarily). Perhaps this happens as a result of a power surge when its power cord is unplugged and then reconnected without using the rear power switch to turn off the unit prior to disconnecting/reconnecting power. In this state, I noticed my BiDat would sync but put out no sound for whatever reason. Flip the power switch on the back of the BiDat and let it rest for a while - then switch it back on. This might help. Once restarted, note the default input selection indicated on the front panel & be sure it matches the input you are using.

Other ideas... Hmmmm.... Well...The Supratek Syrah RCA inputs tend to be weak and break internally. I've never seen a pair of left/right female connectors break at the same time though. You might try a different input on the Syrah if you haven't already.

I hope this helps. Sometimes these things are mysterious. If I think of another potential problem, I'll post.

Lastly - be sure to have your BiDat upgraded & older useless mods corrected. The improvements are substantial.
Hi Guys:
Thanks for the response. I sorted out the problem. I found a small 'reset' buttong on the back of the Bidat which appeared to do the trick. I'm not sure if this really was the solution, but after pressing this, and turning things on again, things are now working perfectly. Thanks for the help.

On the upgrade front, yes, I've just pinged John Wright to inquire about upgrades - will be good to get the dac sounding even better.

Thanks again,