ProAc, Snell, Soliliquy, Spendor, Totem

AAARRRGGGGGHHHH! I am trying to compare the ProAc Tablette 2000, Snell D, Solil. 5.0, Spendor S1, Totem Rokk and Coincident Triumph/Partial Eclipse but I don't have the time to run around the world to a million different dealers (I can't find one that even has more than 2 of these labels in house) and listen to several different sets of electronics giving me unbalanced/uneven illustrations. If there is someone who can give guidance, plus or minus considerations, things like that, may be I can reduce this target list somewhat. Thanks.
I have listened to the Totem, ProAc and Snell products. It has been my experience that the Snell was the least accurate of the three. The Snell seemed to have exaggerated low frequency extension and displayed a lack of speed in the midrange. The Totem, while having great low frequency accuracy and smooth midrange, tended to be a bit harsh on the top end and became fatiguing after extended listening. My personal choice of the three is the ProAc. I feel it represents the most balanced approach of the three. The ProAc displayed good low frequency extension while maintaining accuracy. The mids and upper frequency have a very forward "Live" feel to them that does not become tired over time.

I kept my comments limited to frequency across the low, mid, and high in an effort to give you fast evaluations. If you would like further details regarding soundstage, imaging, etc, let me know.
I too would drop snell from the list, and probably totem. I'd say Proac & Soliliquy were a couple good choices. I've never heard the Spendors, although of course have heard good things about them. I wound up getting a pair of Meadowlark Shearwaters over the comporable ($) models from ProAc. JMHO, Jay
Add me to the ProAc preferers. Did do side by each comparison of the ProAcs and the Spendors, ProAc just out and out whupped 'em. Coincidents are right up there, but I'd still go ProAc there, as well. Like Jay above, I wound up with something completely different, but you didn't ask that, and you've got enough to choose from without another 20 additions!

Good Luck
Regardless of budget the Proac Tablette 2000 is one of my favourite small loudspeakers,you just must hear them
Someones listed Soliloquy 5.3 today, might be a tie breaker.
I have both the Totem 1 and ProAc 1sc and have to agree that the ProAc have the most natural and non fatiguing sound of the two. Both are good but the ProAcs sound the best.
The Coincident will be a far better choice.I have heard the Proacs and the Totem.The Coincidents are much better.
Heard practically all of them except for the Sol's.

Proac 1sc, Spendor S3/5, totel model1, totem sttaf.

My fave is the spendor s3/5 provided that you have adequate space bet. the back wall and speaker (4-5 feet).

Great speaker ! Its full bodied, never sounding thin or harsh and quite a bass for such a small speaker. Needs gutsy amp though to come on as they are 84 db's.

Give them a try!
Coincident Triumph Sig's. Great monitor. Super value @ $1099 or less!