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Monitor speakers - choices to narrowed down to...
Once again, I'm going to suggest the Coincident Triumph Signature UHS. I've owned monitors from B&W and Dynaudio, but these thrill me more than the others did. Maybe it was because my expectations were lower due to their reasonable price. I wa... 
Which small but great monitors?
I'm using the Coincident Triumph Signature UHS powered by a Blue Circle amp. It's a great combination. The UHS version is a more refined speaker than the regular sig. The highs have more sparkle and less splash to it. The mid range is incredible. ... 
Dynaudio 1.3mkII Vs Proac 1SC
Mark, if you want to save a lot of money and still have a great monitor, you should look at the Coincident Triumph Sinature UHS. IMHO, it competes very well against the monitors that you are inquiring about. At only $1100 US, it's very tough to be... 
A Love Supreme
Some things, like the pyramids of Egypt, can not be fully explained. "A Love Supreme" is one of them. You just simply wonder about the construction, while enjoying it's beauty. 
monitor w/ bass?
I don't think that you can find a better monitor, with a more satisfying bass response than the Coincident Triumph Signature. That is, of all the monitors that fall within your budget. The Sig's are $1100 new. 
Belated obituary to a jazz great
Peace and Blessings Joe 
Snell C/V Speaker Question
I owned a pair of C/V's a few years ago. They are good speakers, however they need a muscle amp to really come alive. If you have a power amp that's pushing less than 100 watts, consider something else. Furthermore, the C/V also needs lots of spac... 
Custom jumpers?
Contact Bobby at Merlin. He will make you a set of jumpers using Cardas (?) wire. 
Jazz Review: Art Pepper 5-CD Release
Great review! Well done 
dozen must have jazz cd s
I missed one!Bobby Hutcherson-Dialogue 
dozen must have jazz cd s
Herbie Hancock-Maiden VoyageBill Evans Trio-Sunday At The Village VanguardThe Art Farmer Quintet-Blame It On My YouthShelly Manne & His Men At The Black Hawk Vols. 1-5Keith Jarrett Trio-Whisper NotMax Roach-Deeds Not WordsClifford Brown & ... 
Cassandra Wilson
Without a doubt, Cassandra Wilson has a beautiful "jazz" voice. I love the fact that she is willing to take chances with her music. However, like many of you I'm sure, I would love to hear what she could do in an acoustic setting with a top shelf ... 
ProAc, Snell, Soliliquy, Spendor, Totem
Coincident Triumph Sig's. Great monitor. Super value @ $1099 or less! 
Monitor Speaker Vote "Face Off"...
In this price range, you should also consider the Coincident Triumph Signatures. At $1099, (maybe less if you get them direct from Coincident), they are hard to beat. Very easy load with a wonderful midrange. They compete very well against the mod... 
Preamp to Match Odyssey Stratos
That was supposed to read: Check out the Blue Circle BC-21