Info on Snell C-lll Speakers

I'm thinking about buying a used pair of Snell C-lll speakers and would like some opinions on them. Price TBD.
I currently own a pair of E-lll's which I like very much, but are a bit bright and a bit shy in the bass for my taste. Not sure if modifying them is the answer so I'd like to upgrade to another pair. My amp is a Macintosh 240.
I was also thinking about the Vandersteen 2C signature., but am not sure if my amp can drive them. Thanks
These have been arround for a while, and you might get more for your money looking at current designs such as the Vandersteens. I listened to the Snell C-III in different setups in the mid 90's and was mightily impressed at the time, but then my own rig was barely mid-fi. However, I got to compare them later to NHT 3.3, where there was no comparision.. no going back after hearing the NHTs.
For this pricerange (used), you should definitively consider the Triangle Celius 202, which would be a light load for your Mac. Just make sure your source component is up to the task.
My guess is that the upgrade to the next Snell may sound the same with more bass. I do think Vandy will be a little more forgiving and may be more what you looking for. Also could consider a B&W Matrix line ( possibly 802 ) which are kind warm through the middle. Hope that helps?
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Bought my C4 in -91 as C4.However the III was overpainted in white and replaced with IV more handmade.So it is a fabric tweak I guess.Some differents may accoure but the sound quality is the same.Specifications at Snells homepage are same.
Maybe it was -92 or year later.Packed them out of box new.Using a pair of speakers for 15 years and beyond are usual for Snell owners.Says something!
I posted to this yesterday..but it didn't make it through for some reason.

You might want to check out the type D's or the C-V's. Both have great sound & are an excellent buy. I run a pair of E-IV's and Type A's. The E-IV's are also a very nice sounding speaker with good bass and smooth mids & highs.
Hi Opal. If you like your E-111's..... Updating the crossovers in your E-111's is can yield some major gains in both resolution and reach at the frequency extremes as well as coherency and focus. Replace the cheap electrolytic caps on the crossover and rewiring them internally will yield impressive results indeed. Do you use the rear firing tweeter? Turn it all the way down or better still.... disconnect it from the crossover and replace it with a quality resistor. Are they sitting on the floor? How large is your room? It is imperative to use a proper stand to support the speaker whereby the tweeter is firing at ear level . The bass response of the E-111's can indeed be quite impressive when properly tuned to your room. I can't think of another speaker that could best it without spending some major cash.