Forwardness of cymbals in Snell E vs ProAc 2.5

Audiogoners, please help me on this one. I am looking at ProAc 2.5s. I heard them long ago, and may buy some without being able to audition them now.

I heard B&W PM-1s locally, and the cymbals were very out front, wonderful. I've been listening to Superzeroes at home, a bright speaker with the cymbals very up front, great. Just got my Snell Es re-foamed, and listening to them, I barely hear the cymbals. The highs are more accurate and sweet but quiet in the mix, lost behind the sax, vibes, piano. Marantz 8B, CJ PV-5, too small lively room, cheap Canare cables. Bigger room soon. LOTS more bass with the Snells vs the Superzero; maybe the larger room will tone down the bass and the cymbals will be more prominent.

Here is where I need help: I've read "rolled off highs" about the ProAc 2.5s several times. Are the cymbals going to be lost in the mix similarly to the Snell original Es?

Thanks much for your help,
Who knows for sure?
One thing I can tell you that if you want to bring out the top end of your sound replace the CJ-5. It is a very laid back warm unit. You might sizzle your ears off, but just to see what I mean, insert an ARC unit into your system . Their are things in between so don't worry.