HELP SNELL type-J J2/JII diagnostics needed

Hello friends. I've owned a pair of Snell JII loudspeakers for about 20 years now-- and I love them(!!!)-- however I would like to upgrade the capacitors now and am wondering if anyone has any diagnostic chart(s) for these?

I would love to get/see an original owner's manual as well...if anyone has one or knows where I could get one?

Would be fabulous!

Thanks guys.

(Cambridge, MA)
I repaired a broken JII xover board a while back and at the time drew a schematic. Most of the component values are there but some couldn't be measured withought dissecting it.
Would you email me a copy? Would be great, even though I've recently learned that the components and component values could and do often vary from speaker to speaker, depending upon what the company had available. At any rate, if you're game you can reach me at