Preamp recommendations requested

Hi fellow Audiogoners - I am looking for timely suggestions as to a world class preamp with superb moving coil capability that will match well with my Bedini 25/25 1mg. amps and stacked quad esl 57's. I am currently using a CAT SL1 MK II REFERENCE preamp. Thanks in advance.
There is currently a nice VAC Phi Alpha preamp for sale on Audiogon, or possibly one of the Doshi's. That Doshi Custom model looks awesome, I bet it sounds great.
I am not associated with either seller. Personally, I like VAC, but I have heard the Doshi Alaap V2 and it sounded very, very good to me too.
...preamp with superb moving coil

This is a real task to find. Even when you will get a lot of
recommendations, this kind of knowledge is not available anymore.
Some have an internal Phonostage, but they are maybe "ok" but f-a-r
away from superb. Even in the 90's there was only one with a
"superb" Phonostage, that was a Jeff Rowland Consonance. In
the last 10 years I only found the Klyne 7 which was able to do a superior
job with internal MC Phono.
Why don't you go for a cartridge with a higher output? It is no secret that
CAT preamps work much better with those than 0.3mV or below.
Their internal gain is simply not made for that. Benz has a wide choice
with various outputs ...
I too have a Bedini 25/25 in one of my systems, and it pairs beautifully with Shindo. Shindo preamps and phono stages are fantastic for musicphiles!
You'll never look back!
In today's world, trying to find an all-in-one preamp that includes low-output MC capability is a tall order indeed. I think you are better off with a separate linestage and MC phono preamp. This will allow you to optimize each device for best results with your particular MC cartridge and the rest of your system.
If your system is vinyl only, you might consider the Aesthetix Io. It's basically a high output phono amp with an attenuator so that it can be run directly into a power amp. I can't speak specifically to mating it with your amp, but I have heard it set up per the above and it sounded superb. I don't know if it offers any switching to allow the use of another source beyond a 'table, however.