Pre with the BEST 5.1 inputs

I am looking for a preamp with the cleanest 5.1 inputs possible. Bass management is NOT a must. The reason for this is that I have recently (Dec '02) purchased a Sony DVP-999es DVD/multichannel SACD player. The player has great sound for the SACD and really has a great built-in DTS & DD processor. The player also has great bass management features. The problem I am having is that I have very inferior (to the 2-channel) 5.1 inputs on my preamp. I am currently using a Yamaha model that served as a "add-on" for 5.1 when DD was fairly new (about 5 years ago)and allowed you to integrate HT into my 2-channel set-up without going the receiver route. Ideally, I would like to get a preamp with excellent 2-channel and 5.1 channel inputs. I would like this preamp to control the volume for both the 5.1 channels and the 2-channel and be able to allow for at least 3 source inputs. I DO NOT want a receiver and I would prefer not to have 2 preamps (one for the 5.1 and one for the 2 channel). Since the signal source is SACD, I do not want the signal converted to digital - I would prefer straight (HQ) analogue. The pre does NOT need to be a processor as I am more than happy with the processor in the Sony. I am aware of the Sony TA-P9000es but am not sure that would allow me to control the volume for the 2 channel input. Any suggestions? I am going crazy trying to find something that will work in this situation. I would like to keep the $ below $1200.

Associated equipment is:

Hafler 9300 amp for L/R
Hafler 9180 amp for LR and RR
Hafler 9130 (in mono) C
Yamaha DSP-E42 (I think is the model) preamp
Sony DVP-999ES (use the Dig. out as transport for redbook)
Parasound Ultra DAC 2000
Audio Alchemy DTI-PRO32 w/ PS2
Main speakers are Dahlquist W2 and CA2 (modular) and Dahlquist center channel, Snell KIIV for rears. Velodyne sub.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated as the Yamaha is the obvious weak link but I haven't really found anything to replace it! Thanks, Tony
Here is a couple to get this party started.
R E Designs with the input selector.
McCormick has a pre with 5.1 and other inputs.
If you are happy with the internal processor in the DVD player then I would suggest an Audio Refinement Pre-5. It is an analog preamp with 5.1 inputs as well as 2 channel inputs with great sound quality. Occasionaly they show up for sale used, new they run around $1000.
The Classe-75 is a wonderful preamp for 5.1 analog inputs. It is now discontinued and can be had for well less than half its original $7000 price tag.
Thanks for the suggestions thus far. While I have heard great things about the Classe, it is out of my price range. I can't say I've heard of Audio Refinement or R E Designs. About what year was/is that model made - is it a current model? Can either of you tell me what features are on those respective models, i.e., #'s of inputs, remote controled, etc. Thanks again! Tony
The Audio Refinement is simply an analogue preamp with a six channel analogue bypass input. There is no signal processing; ie, not even dolby pro logic. An external digital processor is required unless this preamp is only going to be used in conjunction with DVD Audio and/or SACD. This approach is not that useful with the plethora of high quality preamp/processors available with 5.1 and 7.1 analogue bypass inputs.

The Audio Refinement Pre2 DSP is a possibility. It, however, does not have dolby pro logic II. I have chatted with a couple of owners who like their Pre2 DSP products very much, though.
Thanks for the suggestion of the Audio Refinement preamp. I did a search and found that the model number is the "Pre-5". This seems to have EXACTLY the features I am looking for. It received 4 reviews on the AudioReview website and all users gave it a 5 out of 5 noting the musicality of both the 2 channel and 5 channel inputs. It doesn't have any DSP modes and appears to be made specifically for my type of application, i.e., high quality 5.1 inputs and stereo inputs, with no conversion to digital! I will make it a point to audition this unit! Thanks for pointing me in the direction I was wanting to go!!! -Tony
Ah, there IS another unit out there designed specifically for what you want to do although, not much help here, don't remember the name. As I recollect this was a very expensive "cost no object" six channel passive line stage preamplifier. I think it had six unique ganged attenuators and the reviewer raved about it (don't they always?).

Anyway, look around if you've not already spent money as this thing is (was) out there.