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Cary 306/200 fuse question
Screws are accessed by turning the unit upside down--small holes covered by tags that read--warranty void if removed. You need a long thin screwdriver. The problem becomes getting the cover back on--you are shooting blind through the holes hoping ... 
Anyone try the simaudio sim Moon lp5. phono stage?
I have been using one for a few months now. Simaudio LE amp and preamp, Basis 1400 table with a Dynavector 20xH cartridge. I have used it both balanced and single ended.I find it offers better performance than the phono stage that was built into M... 
XLO responsiveness
Not isolated. I emailed inquiring about the capacitance of the Ultra 6 cable---no response--of course I could have called, but it does not excuse ignoring emails. 
Has anyone tried out new Mapleshade speaker wires
I am using the Golden Helix Plus version. I like them better than XLO Ultra6. After using the mapleshade cables for 2 months, I put the XLO cables back in the sytem. More bass, but it seemed to color the midrange. I put the mapleshades back in and... 
Anyone wish they had a rumble subsonic filter?
Some phono preamps have them built in. I am running a Sim Audio LP 5.3. The filter is engaged with a jumper. 
Musical Fidelity - Anthing Going On With Them?
I am able to get to their website. 
Capacative cable?
Yep--just ordered some Mapleshade golden helix plus--may see the xindak up for sale soon. 
Capacative cable?
They are stacked, not side by side. Thanks for all your help. Bit of a mystery--I have a Simaudio W5-LE that became superhot in my sytem after a listening session--Came home after lunch (I leave the amp on all the time) and smelled hot plastic--ne... 
Capacative cable?
Thank you for your reply--so, A foil speaker wire--ie a flat ribbon--would have a higher Capacitance than a corresponding round wire? How does braiding of wire result in higher capacitance? 
what is the proper protocol
I would return the buyer's funds. The seller is responsible for the item until it is delivered to the buyer. --This is how I do business. I have taken to asking sellers (when I am buying) what their policy is should an item be damaged or lost in s... 
Just upgraded to the DK VS-1 Signature
Is this available for purchase? Manufacturers web says coming soon, and DK retailers are not listing it yet. 
Musical Concepts Modifications
Had a 5802 modified by John--was one of the best sounding amps I had ever owned. I moved and sold off all my gear, and am now rebuilding. I am seriously looking at having him mod a 5802 again for me--that or a Pass X-250. 
Tube Whine noise...Please Help
Yes. You can always call John at Musical Concepts if you have questions. 
Tube Whine noise...Please Help
I had the same issue (same tubes)-John suggested reseating the tubes--it worked. 
MF CD Pre24 soundstage performance
My experience with this unit is that 1. It is a very good preamp--I found it to be better than the Adcom GFP 750 (even modded), but a bit less than a pass X 2.5.2. The CD player is very revealing. Renders detail very well. Was better than my modde...