DAC with 2 inputs?

Is it possible to run tw0 digital sources with one DAC?
For example, Can I run a CD transport and a Ipod and Wadia transport into the same DAC?

Thanks in advance
Yes, depending on the number of inputs the DAC has. My
DAC has (2) toslink, (2) coax, (2) USB and an AES/EBU

I have my music server (Olive 04HD), music streamer
(SONOS), transport (CEC TL-2) and Sirius/XM box running
into mine.
I need 2 unbalanced inputs, but can't find any DAC's that have more than one
The Wyred4Sound DACS have (2) coax (RCA) inputs.

The Arcam irDAC has (2) coax (RCA).

The Audiolab M-DAC has (3) coax (RCA).

The Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC has (1) coax and (1)

The Shiit Audio Gungnir and YGGDRASIL have (1) coax
and (1) BNC.

(Any of the DACs you find that have a BNC is still a coax
connection, but would require either an adapter (BNC to
RCA) or a special cable with a BNC connector on at least
one end). I have used the adapter on a few DACs that I
have owned that had BNC connections with perfect

I found these after just about 5 minutes of searching.

I'm pretty sure there are quite a few more out there. It
will depend on your budget.
Thanks MoFo, I will look into your suggestions.
Antelope Zodiac has 2 co-ax inputs.
Simaudio 300D