Multiple inputs on DAC

I have a Shiit Bifrost DAC. It has multiple inputs for optical, RCA. Ect. It seems it auto scans for an active source and selects it. I thought about connecting my Innuos player to the Bifrost via RCA. However, the Blusound 2i streamer is always on. I wonder if this DAC is meant for only one input device?

Can I connect both inputs live and manually select the Innous? Or will that configuration blow the DAC or amp?

Will I need to purchase another separate DAC for the innuous? The innuous is lacking low end bass with the built in DAC. Playing the same music on each device, the player is better on mid and highs, the streamer gets bass all the way down. Thank you  PCR


Sell the Mini and get the Zen 3.

No DAC but it streams/rips and stores.

Why do you need two streamers ?

Forget the internal DAC in the Innuos — your Bifrost DAC is better.  Looks like Schiit uses a proprietary USB input so I’d tend to go with that out of your Innuos.  Here’s a very good USB cable that won’t break the bank but physically separates the data and power legs of the cable that you don’t tend to find until spending much more $$$.

After that, your most cost-effective upgrade may be a used Innuos linear power supply for your Zen Mini you can get for $400-$500 — it takes your streamer to a much higher level of performance.  Hope this helps, and best of luck. 

Thank you very much jeffseight and soix for the kind reply.

I have  not been able to figure out how to make the built in streamer in the Zen Mini Mk III to work with Deezer. The sound quality and selection of music, the interface I would hate to lose. The Bluesound is good enough for my 65 yr old ears, which are pretty good, just not as discriminating as many on this forum. Deezer has been the challenge but they are tight on their code .

I will try that USB idea. I am still learning about Digital music devices and all the options. I am a computer guy about a year t retire so I am used to learning on the fly.

Thank you again very much! PCR

Do a free trial of Qobuz.  Not the best interface I’ll admit, but it’s not bad and, at least for me, the higher level of sound quality along with a ton of hi-res material available makes it more than worth it.  Most people here prefer Qobuz for the same reason, and I don’t recall anyone using Deezer in a good system, but I could be wrong. Hey, it’s free to try Qobuz so why not?  Just my $0.02 FWIW. 

The Schiit Bifrost DAC is designed to accept multiple inputs and automatically select the active source. So, it is possible to connect both the Innuos player and the Bluesound 2i streamer to the DAC at the same time. You can then manually select the Innuos player by pressing the corresponding input button on the DAC.

However, if you have concerns about overloading the DAC or amp, you should refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance on the maximum input signal levels that the device can handle. Generally, modern DACs are designed to handle a wide range of input signal levels, so it is unlikely that connecting both devices will damage the DAC or the amp.

Regarding your low-end bass issue, it is possible that the built-in DAC of the Innuos player is not providing enough amplification for the low-frequency range. In this case, you could consider using a separate DAC with a stronger output or an integrated amplifier that has a built-in DAC. Alternatively, you could try adjusting the EQ settings on the Innuos player to boost the low-frequency range.