powercord for Plinius SA-250

Hi, I´m looking for a powercord that works well with Plinius SA-250. Any suggestions?

thank´s Ulfdantes
When I had my Plinius SA120, I experimented with several cords and got best results with Acoustic Zen Krakatoa and Tsunami. Good luck!
I like the model 11 CPC, but the DCCA ref1, is better
on my SA100 Plinius.The DCCA ref 1, made my SA100
works effortless, it improves the soundstage, the vocal,
bass, layering, its very smooth,my favorite attribute
is the PALPABILITY, you almost feel, the music is live.
I upgraded from a Shunyata Taipan(original) to an Electraglide Ultra Khan Statement2 Revised/Revalation pc when I had my SA 250 amp. The effect of which was not at all subtle.

If you want to hear how good your 250 can perform, this cord will provide the experience.
On my sa102 the best so far was Virtual Dynamics Master Series and Siltech G6.
I have a Plinius 250 MkIV and I am going to convert it back to 220 volts and have its own line. You have to remenber this is from NZ and their power is 230 so it's designed for that. I was told by a dealer that the sound improvement is amazing and I it will end up costing you less that an expensive power cord. Say Robert Gray or Analysis Plus.
I have used TG Audio SLVR and Pure Note Paragon cords on my SA-100III. The Pure Note is cleaner in the highs.