"powercord" saves 5-disc from dumpster

The recent aquisition of a Sony SACD777 moved me to a new level of listening enjoyment, and the Sony ES9 ?? 5 disc I also recently got was ready to be tossed... The 5 disc was ragged and had way too much digital grung to be listenable, anymore. I decided to replace the captive powercord with an IEC plug on the 5-disc. after the minor surgery I used a ZuCable powercord and WOW, the thing was listenable again. Top end clean, all around sharper images, and no more digititis.
I'm impressed. PS: I'm listening to the 5-disc via the toslink to an Adcom GDA-700. So hooray for aftermarket powercords
Elizabeth: I recently added a Harmonic Tech IEC adapter along with a cheap Absolute PC to a Pioneer PDR-W839 CDR with similar results. I can now use the CDR as a source in a bedroom system as its playback quality has improved considerably. I am hoping that the quality of the analog to digital copies will be improved as well, but have yet to test it.
elizabeth i'd be interested to hear your comments when trying out different power cords with the sony. since it seems to be so pwr cord reliant it could be a good source for auditioning cords - not to start another power cord thread debacle, but just a thought.
Elizabeth; I have a CA9ES in a 2nd system also. This may be a dumb question, but did you replace the stock cord yourself? and does Zucable make a replacement PC that just "bolts in?" In other words, how did you do it? Thanks. Craig
Took the lid off. the old cord goes in one side and across to the other, then down to the circuit board. I drilled a 1/2 hole in the side where to wire ends up. Used a "nipper" tool from RadioShack to 'nip' out a rectangular hole to insert a IEC receptical. Cut the original wire at 3" and soldered it to the IEC. Drilled 2 screw holes and bolted the IEC into the back of the chassis. (I used the powercord I had on hand... Any better aftermarket cord will probably be an improvment.) Screwed lid back on. 20 minutes tops.
Elizabeth, do you us the ground on the IEC in any way?
I was thinking about adding a chassis ground with a switch to play around but didn't feel like messing around since the stock wires had no ground. Maybe I should??.
Elizabeth; thanks for the excellent description, I'm impressed with your initiative and ability-- guess I need to spend more time inside my components. Cheers. Craig