Power strip manufacturers?

I need four more outlets. Anyone know of any other power strips other than the PS Audio Juice Bar and the Cardas one? I want to check out as many as I can before I decide. Thanks. leo.
Monster HTS 2000 is a power strip for $200.
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Jab, I didn't see a VansEvers power strip. I saw one that does surge suppression but I'm looking for just some outlets.

Dbwl, isn't the HTS 2000 a whole line conditioning, surge suppression system?

I forgot to mention that I didn't want the piece to do anything but add more outlets. The less circuitry the better. :-)

Wire world makes a six outlet one that takes an after market power cord of your choice. About $60 as I remember.
All "outlets" do surge protection unless you just want an extension cord. NOT!

Vanevers makes two power strips. One it the Companion for $30. It is not a conditioner, it is basically neutral and will not ruin the sound like most cheap strips do. That sais something for $30. It does protect from surges. Next is the Super Companion which is a Strip that does have conditioning and separate digital, analog and amp plugs. Also has an IEC so you get add a better power cord. I have one in a smaller bedroom/office system and it is a steal for $150.

There are some clearance Panamax 4 outlet strips at Audioadvisor.com for $19.99 which were $60+.

Wiremold makes hospital grade power strips in almost any size you could need, sounds like exactly what you want.
Leo, lots of folks make these and some are pretty fancy and expensive. ESP, NBS, TG Audio and I'm sure others make units with four duplexes.....Noisetrapper used to make a really nice one that was fairy cheap at under $200 that could be rebuilt into a worldbeater if you have the time and inclination......

Bob Crump
TG Audio
JPS Labs makes a 4 outlet strip that was recommended to me by Steve McCormack. It's comparable in price to the Cardas.
oops - yep, the hts 2000 is a conditioner.
Where can I buy the Wiremold power strips ? I went to Home Depot a couple of weeks ago and all I found was the long version (for bench use ?). Thanks.
Go to Mapleshade Tweaks at http://www.ec-securehost.com/MapleshadeRecords/Tweaks.html

They claim their Clearview power strip "smokes" the major line condition manufacturers, and they have a 30 day money back guarantee
Someone please go try the Mapleshade powerstrip and let us know how it performs in your system = D. I have the Clearview powercord, and it's great with preamps and my Meridian 518. However, it causes hum with my amp and it makes my dac go crazy, the clocking device never stops clicking.) So, I am weary of getting a whole strip because it might make my whole system go crazy.
I'm using an ESP power distributor with 4 duplexes that I highly recommend you try. Pricey, but comes with an ESP reference power cord.
The Ensemble Mega powerpoint is fantastic, it provides 6 outlets and utilizes the ensemble mega power cord direct wired to it and proprietary star wiring configuration that does a real nice job!
I just made my own, getting those nice cheap junction boxes at HD, and adding the ACME-modded P&S duplex outlets; you net 2 or 4 outlets, or even 6 if you get the biggest junction box. I hard-wired with 10AWG solid inside, but recommend 12AWG instead, as the 10 was a bear to muscle around. Sound is INCREDIBLY better than the strips I had been using, and cost is only about $35 total for each two outlets! (I set up 4 dedicated lines into three junction boxes: one duplex for digital, one quad for pre and tuner, and one switched duplex (unbridged) for the two monos' lines.) Whole thing cost under $400 using great Belden 83802!
Any further thoughts on this? For the moment, I'm going to move away from power conditioners, but I still need more outlets. Opinions onthe PS Audio Juice Bar or the Cardas, etc....?
Yah, I got the PS Powerbar with Virtual Dynamic powercord. The powercord does the filtering while the powerbar distributes power with full point-to-point current transfer. Theoretically, this is mucho better than line conditioner. And, the quality of this set up is dependent on the quality of powercord you use. I have no complaints so far.
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I second the Guru.
I've got some of the Albert Porter cryo specials coming, so maybe the DIY approach is in order. But I need some guidance re: how the wiring is done: star config? (How is that done?) Do I hardwire in a power cord or put in an IEC connector? Etc.