Recommendations for a sub $600 power strip?

Hi there I'm in the market for a Power Strip. I have a budget of about $600 but may go over. I would like recommendations from the family for a 6 way strip. This is just for the stip itself, I shall add my own cable of course. What say you?

Thanks so much everyone! :)
Hi Seneca,
Oyaide MTB-6 is probably great power strip, I am getting one in few days fitted with all SWO-GX duplexes. You can read more about it from following links:

(I don't have any connection with above linked companies and links are given just to see the product...)

This is the best that I've found so far. Blue Circle Audio BC606 music bar - with hospital grade power cord for USD 325.00, BC606 with BC61 power cord for USD 435.00 or BC606 with BC62 power cord for USD 545.00. YMMV.
Blue Circle Audio BC606 Music Bar
The BPT pure power center can be had with FIM, Oyaide or Wattgate outlets for under $600, and you could still have some ERS cloth installed, and get the whole thing cryo'd.
All good suggestions....I've used a couple Power Strips that come with an integrated power cord--the ESP Essence and the Ensemble Power Point. Both are good, with the ESP a bit fuller in the bass and the Ensemble a bit geared to the mids. I like the Ensemble better IMS. They retail for $1K, but are found used for half that.

You can also find a good conditioner (non-current limiting) for <$600--used--such as the Running Springs Haley, Blue Circle MR1200, Richard Gray 400 or Audio Magic Stealth. I've used the Haley, Gray, and Stealth. Both the Haley and Stealth provided a silent background with great detail, and an enveloping and expansive soudstage. Both are very good values on the used market.
HCM Audio is selling the Tripp Lite HTPowerbar10 for only $88.

Call Harry at 800/222-3465 and ask how it sounds.
I have had fine sonics using the very top of the line version of Mapleshade Records Power Strip. $340, and a 30 day money back guarantee seems a good bet for your home trial.
Due to the somewhat aggressive nature of the Mapleshade website self-advertising, some are inclined to discount the possibility that this is as good as it really is.
But, this has proved to be a real positive surprise, without breaking the bank, even at full retail.
Just overlook the strangely flimsy DIY appearance which disguises a very well implemented audio solution.
Yet another choice: The PS Audio Juice Bar offers a very nice 6 way power strip: no filters or regulation of any kind. I have been pleased with it's performance in my family room system. Not so sure I would want to use any power strip in my high resolution system though.

I do use an Audio Magic Stealth in my main system. Agree with Richards that the Stealth is worth a listen if you've got the $$$.
Can anybody tell me what the difference between the Juice Bar and Q-bar is? They look identical to me except that sideways bit on the recepitcals.
the wiremold is pretty good at under $400.00
Maybe also a Vans Evers Super Companion power strip. I have one, no complaints. I think they still make them.
You might be able to find a used Shunyata Hydra 6 on here for $600-$650. I did - very pleased with the results
There is also the Mapleshade power strip. Thing is it looks very cheap so I'm curious as to how it sounds.
If you're just looking for protection against power surges and outages, then the Brickwall PW8R15AUD might be worth researching: 8 outlets, 15 amps, $259.

It is not a conditioner, and it imparts no sound of it's own in my system.

Brickwall also sells a low profile rack mountable 10 outlet box.
You can get a powervar (#1100-12?) which weighs over 40lbs and will give you clean protected power and multiple outlets. They show up for $150-220 on ebay and on audiogon. If you only want a power strip with some filtering check out k-works. Igor also makes a very good power cord and excellent interconnects.
For $600 I would second a used "power conditioner" like the Runnings Springs Haley. The Haley has six outlets, does not limit currents, and provides great black backgrounds.
Does the Haley isolate digital components from analog?
Pubul57, I spoke to Dan and Lenny about this at RMAF last year. While I cold not totally decipher their response, I was left with the impression that the Haley does not provide true isolation in the manner that other conditioners provide this feature. The recommendation from them was to plug my amp and/or preamp in the duplex outlet closest to the IEC, then analog components in the next duplex outlet, and digital components in the last duplex outlet. They emphasized not to plug in digital and analog components in the same duplex outlet.

Regardless of the isolation, it is an amazing power conditioner that beat Equitech and BPT in my system. Next up is Isoclean, Sound Application, and Exact Power (as time and funds allow).
Clio09, do you plug you amp into the Haley, not the wall outlet? I would like the simplicity of this, but always hesitant to plug an amp into anything but the wall outlet. I'm not sure I want to put any full isolation into my system, I just don't trust its impact on sound - seems like you would solve one problem and cause another.
First, yes, I plug my amp into the Haley. There is enough headroom left over from the 1800 watt max (I'm in the 1000 watt neighborhood) and I have heard no negative effects on the sound.

Second, I have tried some isolation transformers with my digital front end and while I noticed some additional blackness to the background and lower noise floor, it was at the expense of a somewhat smaller sound stage.

If the components that you will plug into the Haley do not exceed 75% of its maximum rating (1800 watts) then I think you would be fine. That is the baseline I use.
Clio09, thanks for your thoughts. I will probably be running a 30 Watts Integrated (Ars Sonum)which should work fine. I also suspect that I would avoid the isolation transformer route for the digital stuff. I'm at the point of considering the Haley, BPT-3.5, or a simple VenHaus Hot Box.
Here is a new model from Exact Power. I saw it at CES. It is very well built. I believe the price was expected to be around $600. Be sure to click on the "EPDS Solution" and "Specifications" links.
Pubul57, why not try both the BPT and Hot Box, they both come with a trial. I don't know anyone who does trials for the RSA products though. You could buy a Haley used as they come up every now and again. Try calling Dan at Dedicated Audio, maybe he has a haley he would loan out. I bought my Haley from him as a demo unit and he was great to work with.