Power Strips - Wiremold vs.Hammond vs BPT PPC

I’m upgrading the power strip and outlet for my system. FYI, my system consists of Audio Research CD-7, Ayre K-1XE pre amp and Pass Labs XA30.5 power amp.

I just want to get a power distribution strip from wall outlet without conditioning or regulating.

Based on my research on Audiogon, I’ve narrowed down to the subject 3 power strips. Wiremold L10320 and Hammond H1584H(hospital grade) are similarly priced at around $90 while BTP Pure Power Center (PPC) is at $300. BTP PPC is more sturdy and dedicated for audiophile but it’s a bulky strip of 18 inch long.

Any advantage of going for the BPT PPC (Pure Power Center) when either Wiremold or Hammond costs less than one-third the price?

BTW, I read here that BPT could modify its PPC to isolate an outlet for digital CD player only so that the noise from digital won’t go downstream when the pre-amp and power amp plug in the same power strip. Is this doable? How?

Also, between the Wiremold and Hammond, which has better built quality and performance? Wiremold used to be priced at $31 eight years ago and now for the same product it triples the price to $90. Is it a rip off? I cannot imagine the costs went up this much when Wiremold’s other models did not jump up this much in price.

Anyone has direct experience with all three in their system? Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
Can anyone share his experience? Thanks.
I was using the Wiremold when I had my Naim system, but the $350 CablePro strip was a big audible improvement in terms of noise floor and just overall realism. But my experience is really meaningless to you, as you have no point of reference. My suggestion to you is - buy the Wiremold for $90 and listen to it for a year. Then buy something supposedly better and see if you actually hear an improvement. You will or you won't. Many companies offer a money-back guarantee, so you'll be out a few bucks shipping. The Wiremold is a fine strip that won't screw the system up, so you can rest assured it's "audiophile approved".
I’m upgrading the power strip and outlet for my system. FYI, my system consists of Audio Research CD-7, Ayre K-1XE pre amp and Pass Labs XA30.5 power amp.

With your audio equipment, jmho, not the Wiremold L10320 or the Hammond H1584H.

The Wiremold L10320 uses cheap receptacles. Don't waste your money.

The build quality of the Hammond H1584H looks good. Hospital grade receptacles are a plus. The letdown to me is the steel, ferrous, duplex receptacles cover plate. Bad for sound.

The PPC - Pure Power Center series is way better. The
Wiremold or Hammond strips aren't even in the same ballpark with the BPT when it comes to parts quality and build quality.
Chayro and Jea48,

Thanks for your recommendations. I guess now I need to decide between the CablePro and BTP PPC - both professionally built for audiophiles and similarly priced.

I know there're other higher end power strips like Oyaid MTB 6, which costs around $800 but I don't think I need to spend that much, since I don't have a dedicated power line for audio.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Considering the equipment you are using, you should take the money and install dedicated lines with upgraded outlets.
The Cable Pro is a very nice piece. I don't think you can go wrong. I know Audience makes a distribution box for Naim with absolutely no filtering that's supposed to be really excellent, but it costs $1500. Frankly, with your level of system, I would go for it, but I don't want to spend your money for you. Good luck and I hope you find something you like.
Cullen cables makes the best one.
I am only posting here because of the surprising improvement inserting a classic Wiremold L10320 between my SS amp and the wall outlet. I have a few of these units around the house that I no longer use in my audio system, and I read about Naim essentially demanding one use them vs. the wall socket (or that was my interpretation anyway) and so I grabbed one from a back bedroom and literally plugged my non-Naim amps vintage SR Master Coupler PC into the Wiremold strip all by itself instead of directly in to the wall, and- I don't understand why this would create a dramatic SQ improvement, but I am still shaking my head at the result- amazing, really.

True, I live in an old industrial/commercial building with janky electric, no dedicated lines for sure, but why the power strip is better than going directly to the outlet boggles my mind. It's not just better- it's significantly better- a more crisp/clean and focused presentation-broader/expansive soundstage-sharper high end especially- just a wonderful result- debunking the usual "each additional connection equals worse" theory I guess-

Just thought I would share this in case anyone else wants to try it, or would like validation of same. For what it's worth- I then tried to add my pre to the next outlet in line on the strip for a "double surprise" but nope, it sounded better plugged in to the PS Audio Duet where it has always been...crazy stuff.
I have used wiremold power strip for years and found it to be very effective. Did not notice Ostemo8's experience vs direct to wall socket, but also few complaints. FYI, using this now with dedicated 10 gauge/20A line, industrial spec outlet on its own breaker. Now considering upgrade to Cablepro power strip with aftermarket power cable.

if a dedicated power line is an option, given your components, go for it 1st. If not, all of these devices are filter(s) of sorts. Some will enhance your system, while others will not. It is all an experiment- but a fun one!
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!