Pop albums with an opening overture?

Ray Thomas album "From Mighty Oaks" has a very nicely done opening orchestral overture of the album by the same name.  Never thought about it before before digging this album out for conversion to music library.   Not a very common thing for a non themed pop album to do that.   Any others come to mind?   

ELO, Chicago, Queen, and Kansas come to mind. Let me think a little longer about this.
Of course "Days of Future Passed" by Ray Thomas and the Moodies would be another more obvious and  better known album.   Happy 50th anniversary on that one.
Al (Kooper) also included an overture on his first solo album, "I Stand Alone."  Both this one and the B,S & T overture include some "psychedelic" sound effects.  
The Gorillaz - Plastic Beach has an opening track appropriately named 'Orchestral Intro'. 
You could make an argument for Quadrophenia, amid the slamming surf are faint fragments of melodies you will hear later, much in the fashion of an opera overture.
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road...  "Funeral For a Friend"
Alan Parsons "I Robot"
Steve Miller "Fly Like an Eagle"
Pink Floyd  "Speak To Me"