Opening Proceed Amp 5

I need to open my Amp 5 so that I can remove the boards and send them out for repair. I cannot find any solid directions telling me how to open the case. Because of what it weighs, and the condition of my back, I would like to get it right the first time.

Can anyone give me a few clues that will help me get it open?
Dear Dmaddox,

A hex key - or a similar hexagonal fitting for a 'multi-bit' screwdriver (the former recommended for torque) - are required in the rear of the unit to remove the screw(s)/bolt(s). After they are removed, just carefully slide the cover rearwards...

The boards in the Proceed(s) are typically a smaller head Phillips' fitting: #4 or #2.

Good luck with your repairÂ… thatÂ’s a very decent amplifier. Let us all know how the 'extraction' - as well as the repair - commences...