PMC Speakers:"Best Buy"or just another speaker?

Anyone heard or owned PMC speakers, especially models GB-1 (Retail $2200) and FB-1 ($3300) I saw these recently in an audio shop but did not have time to listen to them. They use a transmission line enclosure which claims bass response to 29-28Hz. The FB-1 is a two way syatem with a 4.5 inch woofer. The next model has a bigger cabinet, is also a two way system which uses a 5.5 or 6 inch woofer. Both seem like a lot of money for a two way system whose major claim is deep bass. Need input and opinion about this product. Thank you, Jim
Looks like you are close to a PMC dealer, why not go back and listen? I would look forward to your review.
I checked the website. I have never heard of them before. Transmission line design has been around a long time and can be used to good effect. It is nothing new though. You can certainly audition them and decide for yourself. Re-sale may be more difficult if you don't plan to keep them. Looks like Hi-Fi Choice liked them however.
They've been getting some very good reviews lately, I think there was a recent rave in Positive Feedback Online and I'm sure HiFi+ has reveiwed them positively as well. I've never had a chance to hear them though. As said above, listen and let us know.
I have owned PMC TB2s, FB1s, FB1+ conversions and currently use the AB1s. They are not for everyone. Take note of what your local shop is using up front, PMCs will deliver exactly what you feed them. And see if you can listen to them with tubes as well, its worth it. I agree with Steuspeed, re sale can be a challenge depending on the model, I've tried to sell my AB1s three times 'for a song' and due to lack of knowledge they simply haven't moved...
Go have a listen : )
PMCs are similar to ATCs. They are both aimed at the pro studio monitor market where they are very well respected. Some audiophiles will find them too revealing due to their accuracy. Search the archives, there was a lengthy thread about the differences between the brands.
I heard PMC at a fest this year. I found them smooth and dark which i find tiring. So an audition with various electronics would be a must so you see if its the type of sound you are looking for.....
I had the chance to audition the OB-1 as part of my two year speaker search. I found them emotionally challenged. They did nothing particularly wrong or right--simply an uninspiring transducer that left me totally unimpressed. Given the technology used and their attractive appearance I really WANTED to like them. Disappointing. I have to disagree with Onhwy61 on this one--I've heard the ATC's (Passive 100's) and they are far and away better--not even in the same league. Hope this helps.
6moons has an interesting online review of a pcm powered monitor, fwiw.

The Bryston/PMC Owner's circle on has a wealth of information on PMC speakers and ATC vs PMC has been discussed a lot. You might want to check it out if you haven't already. I've only listened to the IB-1 (I own a pair and the IB-1 center). I would think it would be worthwhile for you to listen to the GB-1, FB-1, and the OB-1.With the IB-1's, you hear what is on the recording. If you have a bad recording, it will sound badly. The IB-1's are phenomenal speakers in the bass, mids, and highs in my opinion. The OB-1 shares the same mid and tweeter as the IB-1's. Hope this helps.
I want to thank all for thir generous advice and comments; Yes,I will have to give the PMC's a careful listen. Though, I think I may be predispposed to liking them because of their slim profile and small footprint and "potentially" deep bass. Unfortunately, from what I have read from the above posts, they may not be anything exceptional about them; and, they may also be finicky about front electronics. Also, I would be limited to the GB-1 because of money and even stretching it at $2200.... Interestingly, I heard the Monitor Audio RS-6 which is a great speaker for the money. Along side them, were the Thiel 1.6 which sounded better; the sound just being there unattached to a box or driver. The Thiels, though still had a bit of a tizzy sound in the lower treble, and their published bass response of 48Hz seems anemic for a speaker that costs approx. $2500. All in all, it is difficult for me to justify spending $1500 more for the Thiels over the Monitor Audio's, so I will keep looking.... For the record, I currently have a pair of Vandersteen 1C's which are good speakers and generally accurate for the money, but not coherent with highs that can sound a bit bright and hard. I have also considered just changing my CD player which a 13 year old Sonographe to the "new" Music Hall CD 25.2 or the "allegedly" better modified version. I am sure this could offer some improvement to the overall sound of my system which is neither mediocre nor shabby
Dont go in to listen with negative preconceptions. PMC is well respected in pro sound and domestic sound in the UK. I have the FB1 floorstanders I purchased from an audiogon member(by the way they feature a 6" woofernot 4.5"). They do reveal differences in supporting equipment to a relatively high degree. I have heard them sound very good using SS in a med-large room and surprisingly well in a small room driven by tubes. You can find lots of positive reviews, but you know how that can go...but I do like them very much myself. They can sound very good with the right partners, so keep an open mind.
I have a pair of the FB1+ with the upgraded tweeters and crossovers. Strictly phenomenol with the electronics I have - Bryston 3BST/2BLP biamped, the 2BLP driving the tweeters and Sonic Frontiers Transport, DAC and Phono Preamp, all through a Bryston BP25 Preamp. The room is 15 x 12 x 7 with the speakers close to the wall (transmission port at the front and the wife likes the fact that the speakers are not three feet into the room) and the sound is unbelievable. Monitors usually mean you get what went into the recording - maybe some say "LIVE." Isn't that what audio is all about? Go to a live concert and tell me the sound is 'warm" or "laid back." I think not! In a live concert you want to hear the overtones, the buzz of a guitar string and the twang when a guitarist goes up and down the frets. That's what live music is all about. Sorry, but you don't get that in the majority of speakers.
I'm sold on the PMC line. Try ProAc if you can't find the PMCs in your neighbourhood.