Piega P10s.....are they still contenders?

I have owned the P10s for about 10 months now, which is nearing a record for me. I still love them but the itch to look at other things is getting the best of me. Most of the time I think there is nothing out there I can afford that can replace them. But it's always nice to look. Are these once giants still viable, or has time marched on?

I have owned the P10s for about 10 months now, which is nearing a record for me.

Then you haven't found what you are looking for...

Perhaps audio bliss will not be found in the next speaker.

Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place.

Do you know what you are looking for?
Well, the Piegas push all my buttons and I really do like them. I would like to make that clear. But I am one of those guys who doesn't want to know what is on TV, I want to know what *else* is on TV.....

Just a curse I suppose.

...shakey...as one who has evolved up the piega line ..starting with the p-10's...i understand your feelings..i,too,loved the p-10's ...but after getting the c-10 ltds ..loved them more. but,alas...the same bug that ,sooner or later, hits most of us..hit me and i bought c-40's ..which are superb..you will be happier..if you can get a pair of c-10 ltds for a resonable price...same great sound..just better..hope this helps..
Of course,change at your risk,their keepers,Good luck,Bob
What you are saying is what most of us feel often. ...You like the sound, but maybe something would look better, sound better, have better bass, etc., etc. The trick is to appreciate that, if a genie offered you 3 times what you could afford to pay to upgrade, and you did ALL the research, auditioning, and testing, and then bought what you found to be the best, you'd have the same feeling at some point after that, probably soon.
So, the problem is with you. Think hard about what you want and do a lot of research, and then audition in your own system if you can. I still have the same bug you are talking about, and I have taken my own advice as I just stated, and I have had the same speakers for 6 years.
Piega's are very nice speakers by the way.
I have a pair of C8s and a pair of AP3s. I have run both with a Cary CAD 200 (Solid State, 350 watts into the Piega 4 ohm load). This is not the amp to run with the C8s. The AP3's on the other hand, it's a match...when I hook the C8s up, someday in the future, I have every intent of running monoblocs or some big voltage/big wattaage amp (incl. integrated). These guys LOVE power.
Go all the way up to the brand new CL 120X and beat the curse.
why not find speakers that are easy to sell and just buy them and try them ?

if you like change for its own sake, then variety will make you happy. it's all about being entertained. it doesn't matter what you try, so long as the physical and emotional cost is not overwhelming. just play and have fun.
Wow, has it been that long since I started this thread? Well I kept the P10s for quite some time after posting this, but I thought I would update with some info.

In Feb. of this year I bought a pair of Wilson Sophias. They were pretty good, but not enough to unseat the Piegas. Luckily I was able to pass them on to another Agon member without losing a great deal of $$ in the process.

Shortly thereafter I ran across a deal on a pair of speakers that I had always lusted after, but could never afford. The Green Mountain Audio C3 HD. And this deal was just too good to pass up, so I snagged 'em. And boy am I glad I did.

This is actually my third pair of GMA speakers. I have also owned the Imago IIIs and Callistos, so I knew going in what was in store. Or did I? Short story, these are speakers that make you think about music and not sound. You don't "hear" the tweeter, or the midrange, or the bass....you hear the music. As cliche as that sounds it's true, you don't think about the parts, only the sum.

I did not intend for this to turn into a review, and I guess it's not. But I will say that these are easily the best speakers I have owned, and most certainly in the top five I have ever heard in my life. Roy just continues to turn out good stuff. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next....