Does anyone have any experience with piega loudspeakers. I heared p10 at home theater electronics show in New York and was quite impressed. I was leaning towards Revels but now am not so sure after listening to Piega.
I thought they sounded fantastic and at a reasonable price.I'd also love to hear more feedback on these.
I have the piega p8 ltd and am delighted with them. These are a bit smaller than the p10 and do not have the back firing tweeter. I also believe the bass units are a bit smaller. I have had the speakers about 2 months and am amazed. They have a great soundscape and really present a much larger picture than their size would suggest. The midrange and highs are unbelievably open and the bass very tight. I would hightly recommend them. The p8s also have a great WAF.
How much did you pay for the P8 ltd and what are you using for amplification?
I bought the piega p8 ltd from Steve at hifi farm. I bought most of a system so its hard to give you an exact breakdown but I can say this, he is an outstanding dealer and one whom I would deal with any time. He is very knowledgable, gives outstanding service and very fair pricing. Things may not be cheap but I really think you will get great value for the dollar. I can't recommend him enough and its not that there weren't any troubles in my dealings (none his fault but the shippers), its just he was superb in how he took care of things. As far as amplification I use the musical fidelity nuvista M3. I had bought that before the speakers. I think it works very well, lots of clarity but still some warmth (it has a tubed preamp). Steve recommends the aloia inductive amp/preamp and had I not already had the nuvista I would have gone with his suggestion, though they are more expensive, I have a great deal of faith in his judgement. I have the speakers with moon equipment and it sounded superb. So good in fact that once the chap with the moon heard these speakers (or should I say about 3 notes of holly cole) he bought a pair himself. I have not heard it with pure tubes. I should mention I have had people with horns and tubes listen to the setup and be very impressed (not sounding my own horn rather just saying the speakers really are great). I hope this answers any questions, there is a review comming out in absolute sound in the near future and while I am cautious about reviews (vs what I hear and like) I believe it will support the idea that these are great speakers. There is also a review in stereotimes a while back, you will find it on the piega web site. I should add the p8ltd I believe has many of the characteristics of the p10, in fact may be better in certain instances, its big plus to me was size. It is extremely elegant and fits into the room and almost disappears. The p10's are bigger and would have taken some doing to get by my wife. Hope this is of help.