Piega P10 questions

I just got some Piega P10 speakers and am trying to learn more about them.

1. When enabled, are the rear tweeters supposed to be at the same relative volume level as the fronts?

2. How do you take off the feet to install spikes?

3. Piega says they do not have any manuals left, any source of manuals for these around?

4. Any resellers in the US or Canada?

5. What is a good matching center?

6. How does turning on the bass extension change the frequency range and crossover points of this speaker?

7. Are there generic carpet spikes available that work with these speakers?

Any help would be appreciated.
mlknez....email steve davis..you can reach him via the 'axpona.com' site.he was the usa distributer for piega..he is a great guy and should be able to answer your questions for you...hope this helps...
Thanks for the quick reply Calloway. Steve seems to be a good guy and he is up for answering my questions when he gets back in town.
...that's great..good luck
Good luck! Love the Piegas. Mr. Davis, not so much...

Shakeydeal, any insights you can offer?
I knew Steve back in the mid 90s when he was in virginia. I can tell you he would make a very good used car salesman. However, if all you are looking for is Piega information, you should be fine.

Shakeydeal can you help with any of my P10 questions?
I can't answer most of your questions. Mine came with spikes installed.

Not sure about the relative volume level of the rear tweeter, but my guess is it is lower than the front tweeter.

I don't think there are any retailers left in the US.

The bass control would actually cut the response at 40 hz. I ran mine full range. Great sounding speakers. I might actually have an owner's manual, I can take a look.


Anything you have would be appreciated... Thanks!
The only thing I could find was a single sheet of info on setting up the speaker and a Piega color brochure, neither of which I think would be helpful to you at all. Good luck, those are some great speakers.

Thanks anyway Shakeydeal