phono amp +/- €1500

I have been thinking of investing in a separate phono stage. Right now my digital source (transport +dac) are at least as good, maybe better as my analog source.

Maybe a phono pre amp will bring my turn table to a higher level. However in my price range there are so many phono pre amps that I have no idea where to start. I do not mind to buy second hand.

Phono stages to come to my mind for what ever reasons are:
Nagra BPS
RCM Sensor Prelude IC
Astin Trew AT8000
Symphonic Line phono
Blue Amp
Goldenote Phono 2

But where to start. Would €1000 be enough to gain a significant increase in quality or would I need to spend closer to €2000.

I would prefer a phono stage that can do MM and MC.

So what do you think.
What is your current phono-stage? In my limited experience, I have gone from an integral phono-stage in a Yamaha R-1000 receiver to NAD PP-1 to Lehman Black Cube to Heed Quasar. Suggest you consider the Heed (as well as the latest offering from Lehman).
Liberty Audio B2B-1

From its creator :-)


Violectric balanced phonostage has so many adjustments and features that it's suitable for any cartridge in the market.
Right now I use the inbuild phono stage of my Symphonic Line La Musica integrated amp.
Allnic h-1200
The Simaudio phono stage is a great performer in this value range.
In my opinion, if you are interested in a solid state phono stage, a second-hand Pass Labs Xono is a great place to start. It is very flexible, very quiet, neutral and transparent. Lots of gain. They are about $1,700 used and represent an excellent value.

I have been keeping my eye open for a Pass Xono. But I think that in Europe they are much more more expensive then in the US. From what I have seen a second hand Xono will cost about €2500.
How about a used (or new with discount) Parasound JC3 built by John Curl. Wonderful!

Why not just buy one on Audiogon? Or you could just contact Mark at Reno HiFi and buy one from the US. Pass will always service it. It might cost a bit extra to ship to Europe, but you should still be able to save money.
Herron VTPH-2
+1 on Herron VTPH -2. I love mine for MM and MC. Can't find anything that beats it.
I might be able to get a good deal on a Roksan DXP reference. So for now that is at the top of my list. Now if only the person who is having my speakers on loan is willing to buy them.
K&K Maxxed-Out Premium
Mordante, of those you list I would have to say that the BMC MCCI is clearly the best. The only preamp that I think might beat it is the Ypsilon at three times the price. I have heard and owned a lot of phono stages and nothing even come close to these two units.