Benz Micro lp/Lyra Titan i AR Ref Phono2


What will be the best option for my Brinkmann LaGrange with the 10.5 arm and my Ref5 Ref Phono 2 the Benz Micro Lp or the Lyra titan i? I tried the Benz Lp and I liked it very much. I like to try the Lyra but people say it to analytical.
I use the Lyra Titan i and can say it is more neutral and detailed than the Benz LP which is definitely to the warm side. I tried a friends LP and while I enjoyed it, I like hearing the recording without a signature. I am enjoying the Titan i immensely: good detail, soundstage, dynamics. I don't think it is analytical but if your system leans to the lean side now then the LP would be a better choice.
Another great choice maybe the Lyra Skala. It may give you a touch more warmth and resolution, maybe not have the impact the Titan i has.

Lyra's want great set up and just has a different sound than the Benz LP. (Although I have never had any issues dialing in my 4 lyra's over the years) I suspect those that say it's analyical are just used to a different sound or didn't set it up right.

One isn't better, just different and system matching at this level is highly critical. Your system and where you want to nudge it should be the ulitmate criteria here.

Good luck !
I understand that the Titan i is very sensetive for the right vta. What I mean, my arm is not like a VPI arm or a Graham who are easy to set for vta for different lp's the heavier or the lighter ones. For my arm takes a lot of work to set the vta, so I have to set it for on type of records. For example, when I set it for a normal record, how will it perform when I play a 180 grams record? And how does it handle groovewear, is it silent?

Like most cartridges with a microridge type of profile, the Titan is somewhat sensitive to VTA. But, that is the case with most top line cartridges these days. For instance, my Titan is not much different in that respect when compared to my Transfiguration Orpheus. I set my VTA for regular records, and it sounds fine with most 180 gram records (I know it could be better with an adjustment, but, that is too much of a bother to me).

The Titan is one of the better cartridges I've heard with respect to freedom from excessive noise from worn records. I find that is one of the advantages of very thin profile stylus types. It is perhaps not as quiet as the Orpheus, but both are very good in this respect.

The Titan is a very good with transients (fast) and is very open on top. Set up correctly, I would not say it is "analytical" -- it manages to be detailed without being unduly lean, or hard or harsh sounding. My comments are in the context of an entirely tube-based amplification chain. I suppose a softer sounding cartridge may work better in systems that are more inclined toward an edgy, brittle sound.

If a softer sound, or a warmer sound (i.e., a slightly prominent upper bass/lower midrange) is what you like, then something like a Koetsu or an Allaerte would be more suitable.

The Orpheus is not a "warm" cartridge. Rather, it is a touch midrange prominent (compared to the Titan). It is also a terrific sounding cartridge. A friend has an Ortofon PW that is a very good sounding cartridge -- not warm, but not lean or analytical either.

So much to choose from.
My chain is entirely tubes based. I changed a month ago the AR Ref 2 MK2 for the AR Ref 5, this pre is more dynamic open but a bit more brighter. It only has 450 hours of play but maybe this will change