Peachtree iDac reliabilty?

First off, the iDac in my system is a pretty amazing piece of gear. It brings digital to life like I've never heard. Up till purchasing the iDac, I never considered myself much of a digital person. Sonically it's a terrific step in the right direction. I purchased the iDac in February 2011. It worked beautifully, then conked out after 3 days. The good folks at Music Direct replaced the unit immediately. I even had a very nice chat with David Solomon of Peachtree. He's a good guy and very sincere about his company. The 2nd iDac worked flawlessly for 2 months and like the first one quit working. I've now sent it to Peachtree to be repaired. Has anyone experienced a similar reliablility issue with the iDac or am I just snakebit.
I went through 3 original Deccos. First one DOA. Second one, left channel dead. Third one worked fine for a year, then no sound. Repaired at Peachtree's expense, though I paid for shipping there and back.

I do think there are quality control issues on their gear, BUT they are super at standing behind it and don't leave customers hanging.

Nice to know I'm not alone -- but not good totally --
I have a audio buddy who is now on his third iDAC. Same exact situation you describe. Says it's an amazing pc., but sounds like Peachtree need to get their Q.C. act together.

Not like the thing is exactly chump change @ $1k.
Yeah I owned a Nova and returned it because of the low quality volume control. There are better brands out there.
Based on these posts I will never buy a Peachtree product. I've come to expect an insane level of reliability from electronic stuff and maybe that's not fair, but it is kind of amazing how so few items have crapped out over several decades of personal hifi use/abuse. I can only think of one consistant Acurus A250...sent it back to Mondial 3 times (they covered it) due to some buzzing issue. Otherwise, maybe I'm just lucky.
my decco had the usb input stop working within a week which peachtree gladly offered to fix. the dac still works with optical and ic so i didn,t want to spend 70 bucks to ship it across the country. the remote lasted a year. i like the concept and sound quality but i am less than impressed with this sort of problems. i would buy it again i guess since i know how these things go but wouldn't recommend my friends to buy one. but in the last 3 years i also had 2 expensive laptops by dell and gateway have their motherboards die. i just put up with it i guess. everything breaks.
This is an update on my iDac after getting it back from warranty repair.

First off I agree with all the comments and thanks for sharing. Yeah for a thousand bucks it's a bit disconcerting to have a unit barf out after 2 days, replace with a new one, only to have that one crap out after a week in the same way.

Wanted to report that my iDac has been performing flawlessly since I got it back. Hope this remains the case. As far as the sound goes, that's why I bought it, never heard my iPod or music library on my computer sound this good. Keeping my fingers crossed.
loosely related. I have a era d4 center speaker with a DOA tweeter. Note that this is the same group and all are under the peachtree name now (or maybe signal path...who cares eh) and I can say that I called my dealer and expected a replacement tweeter. Instead ERA replaced the entire unit very quickly. On one hand I was disappointed that it failed on another more important hand it was nice to know that they stand behind their stuff. Does sound like a high-ish fail rate for the electronics. Hard to tell from just the web though. anyway they took care of me. no relation or link to era or peachtree. luck. p
I am planning to upgrade my DAC. I'm currently using a Onkyo NS dock that runs through a Musical Fidelity V-dac. Lyric HiFi in New York recommended the I-Dac. In light of these issues, should I avoid it?
Well, probably. Do you have a specified budget?
Thanks. I recently purchased the Moon Audio 100D and love it! It has so much more clarity than the V-Dac right out of the box.
Just bought one last week and noticed popping/clicking through spdif. After resetting it, the clicking would go away, but would eventually return. I sent it back and bought another one. I love what did for my system, hopefully this one will work out in the long run.
Mine has been flawless so far. I've had It around 5 months or so.
I tried out a Peachtree Nova to pair up with my Zu Druids. The volume control was too noisy for the Druids. There was a very loud pop when switching source. When I tried to switch to any analog input (or HT bypass), it would only revert to coax 1 input. The headphone jack did not work at all. After a week it went back to Crutchfield.

For the price, it is very ambitious, with very good DAC, a tube pre, HT bypass, etc. Guess it was too good to be true.
Hey guys, I am having a a similar problem with mine.
The ipod dock doesn't always recognize my ipod classic. It says to reset the ipod which i have done numerous times but how do i reset the iDac itself other than unplugging it. Thanks
I am past my warranty by 6 months and my Idac just stops letting a signal go through. The Idac excepts the signal from the IPod, all the lights are on but the music doe's not flow. Any one want this unit? I want to go and get the new McIntosh D100.
I know this is kind of an old thread now, but I’ve had my iDac for 5 or 6 years now and it hasn’t given me an iota of trouble. Knock wood! Maybe I just got lucky, but I was surprised to read this thread and see the difficulties that others had.