shindo pre-amp and power amp reliabilty

Thinking of going this route and wondering if there are any concernswith reliabilty and the idea of needing parts if Mr Shindo decides to retire/
I bought an Amp/pre-amp about years ago. No issues to date.
The business will likely continue even when Mr Shindo retires as family members are currently hand building the components anyway.
How many years ago was that?
I bought a Shindo preamp and amp. The pre is a bit over a year old, while the amp is a bit under one year old. There is something about these components that inspire confidence. They are dead quiet, the amp being much quieter than any tube amp I have owned. I have heard this is common w/ Wavac and Air Tight also. Have you been out to listen to Shindo. Apparently Mr. Shindo keeps stock on the NOS tubes as well. Certainly a dealer could shed more light on your concerns.
Shindo gear is truly in a league of it's own. I upgraded from ARC Ref gear, and the difference is not subtle. Nothing against ARC, it is fine, owned many over the years. But the Shindo gear really does it all, extreme transparency with amazing detail, musicality better than Naim, and naturalness of sound. Amazing stuff. Yes, you need a preamp and amp together to really get this, although my Masseto does sound great with my F5 also.
Completely agree with Dbarger's comments. I too have made the transition from ARC to Shindo (Masseto) and Leben for the preamps in my primary systems.
A little off thread. This gear looks intriguing to me. I would like to get one of the pre-amps. However I have big Maggie speakers that I derive with a big 200w per channel solid state amp.

If I got a Shindo pre-amp, would I lose some of its benefits with a SS amp in the chain?
Nmgrant1 - Not in my experience. Before I upgraded to the Leben RS-28CX, I had an Aurieges teamed with an Accuphase P-3000 for about one year and that combo was sublime. (The Leben is even better, but I believe that has more to do with the Leben being an even better preamp than Shindo's entry level Aurieges.) And I know indirectly that the person who bought my Levinson 334 loves that amp with his Aurieges. You didn't mention which SS amp you have, but the 334 and P-3000 both work great with an Aurieges, and sonically, those two amps could not be more different.
No problem at all with my Masseto. Equipment is built one at a time by true artisans with extremely high standards. This is the type of gear you put in your will.
You just have to be careful when matching SS amps with the Aurieges since it has a very high output impedance. In my experience it mates best with tube amps.
Roxy54 - I purchased my haut brion/masseto almost 2 years ago and never looked back...