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Have you ever tried a pair of speakers and said this Is the last thing I will ever need.
JM Labs Daline 3.1.  
Static and popping noise
Thanks. I tried a better power strip (a Belkin Surgemaster) that I had handy. It eliminated the static but there still is popping. I'd be grateful for any recommendations as to what power strip to get. 
Static and popping noise
Thanks. The computer and stereo are using different outlets. 
Best Airplay Device
Thanks very much. Do you know of any reviews of the Onkyo or anyone who has heard it? 
Does The Squeezebox Touch Have a Worthy Successor?
Has anyone heard the Denon-DNP-720AE? It is a wifi enabled network music player with a digital output. 
Ayon Orion 2 or Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Int.?
I am delighted wih my Dialogue 3 preamp and ProLogue 5 amp. 
Best preamp 2k or under, new or used
Prima Luna Dialogue 3 used 
Prima Luna Dialogue 3 or Cary SLP 98L?
I should have also mentioned that the speakers will be Von Scheikert VR 22. Thanks again. 
Tube preamp for $2,000
The source is Sim Audio Moon 100 D Dac fed by Apple Airport Express. The speakers will be Von Schweikert VR-22. The room is 12 by 24. Music is primarily jazz and blues.Thanks again. 
Tube preamp for $2,000
Thanks so much. What about Conrad Johnson (ET-3 OR PV 15), Rogue Audio or Prima Luna Premium? 
Digital Or Traditional Preamp?
The Empirical Audio Overdrive looks amazing but exceeds my budget, which is about $2,500. 
Digital Or Traditional Preamp?
Thanks very much. I kind of lean that way because of the versatility. I can also replace DACs as technology improves. 
Von Schweikert VR 22
Thanks. VSA will break them in. Albert Von Schweikert says my tube equipment should sound good with them. 
Von Schweikert VR 22
Haven't heard them. But they come with a 90 day home trial. 
How many watts per channel are enough?
I want to thank everyone very much. I decided to give the Prima Luna a try. I have a 14-day audition period. I am purchasing it from Kevin at Upscale Audio, who based on my due diligence has an excellent reputation. He would be surprised if the 34...