Pat Metheny Concert

Just been totally blown away at after 25+ years how he continues to improve his talents. 3 hours of nonstop energy with a great band. The drummer (Sanchez) is definitely the best I have ever seen. Anyone else see this?
do you know what his website is and if he is coming to Dallas?
I saw the show in Houston and it was unbelieveable as well. The new drummer may be even better than Paul Wertico, and Wertico was terrific. He left the band due to parenthood.
The only part I didn't like was the fact that the background vocals of Richard Bona and Chong Wu were very diluted. The mix was terrible. But the music was terrific.

He was in Dallas on March 28 or 29.
I saw them at Oakland's historic Paramount Theater. The first 3 tunes were so fabulous, put chills up my spine.....
After the tune a standing ovation, first of about a dozen from an appreciative & knowlegable crowd. See this tour if you can!!!!
Have seen him 3 times and each time they were stellar. I could not contain myself and yelled AWESOME at one point. Incredibile cresendos that build and build, ever changing, while others join in until it erupts in elation. Very tasteful and one of my favorites. good pick.
He's in New York right now but there are only standing tickets available. I feel sorry for Jfrech -- He(she) missed it in Dallas.
I caught the Pat Matheny Group at the Santa Cruz Civic
Auditorium on March 21st and was blown-away with their
performance. Each of them is a multi-talented musician with
a high degree of mastery. Their sound is full, imaginative,
and consistently exciting. It was one of the best concerts
that I have attended - and I see an average of two live shows a week! I went out and bought their latest CD afterwards. Although it is good, it doesn't approach how
good they are in person!
Keep your ears open,

Solari Jenkins
I heard them in Vancouver late last month at a sell-out concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre . They were nothing short of incredible - easily the best concert I've been to in a long time. The acoustics were superb in this venue - their music just rolled over the crowd in waves. My wife looked at me with a huge grin and warned me never to play that loud at home! An absolute must see, if but for Sanchez - I agree he's the best drummer I think I've ever heard.
I saw Pat metheny last Friday April 12th and thought it was the best concert I have seen in a long time. The new members of the group were terrific.
I have had the pleasure of hearing the Pat Metheny Group three times, always superb, in every way.Great to come away knowing they can play those instruments for real, and sound better than the recording.
I've seen Pat Metheny twice--simply amazing!!!!!
I've seen Pat Metheny five times and he is definitely my favorite recording artist. I used to think that Paul Wertico was the best drummer on the planet, until I heard/saw Antonio Sanchez from Mexico City. I didn't think it was possible to be that great on a set of drums. Simply amazing.
I saw him at the Zellerbach at UC Berkeley, agree it was a wonderful show; Metheny has surrounded himself with a talented bunch of multi-instrumentalists. His compositional skills continue to amaze.

However, I also recently saw Bill Bruford's Earthworks at Yoshi's. Out of 1.5 hours, I think they spent a total of 5 minutes playing in 4/4 - the rest was spent in odd meter like 11/8 or 5,7 & 13.

What astounded me was that they guys were BLOWING in these odd meters; complex, beautiful compositions, inspired improvisation, unselfish playing, just wonderful. All to say, IMHO, Sanchez is a very talented player, but Bruford is really from another planet. Bruford is a lot less accessible but certainly not less musical.

Different head spaces, but definitely both are top shelf.