Pat Metheny Group - Geffen Records Remasters

Just wondering if any fellow Audiogon members have purchased/heard any of the Geffen Records Pat Metheny Group remasters - particularly "Letter From Home" and "Still Life Talking"?

As you probably know, "Letter from Home" was released in ~1989 and was interested in your prospective and if the remastered versions are worth the price of admission.

I also believe that the live recording "Road to You" was also released in a remastered version.

I will probably buy them because I am a big PMG fan, but I am hopeful that they improve these terrific recordings.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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Yeah I'd be interested too - I have the original "Still Life Talking" LP on the u.s. Geffen label and it is not a good pressing... I've never been able to find a good pressing of it on LP, and have never seen an import pressing of this title. I bought a CD of it to eliminate the surface noise problem of the LP. I suppose there could be a better cd made so I'd welcome a remaster. Yeah I'm a Pat fan from way back when (1980 or so)
I have most of Pat Metheny's CD's and would be interested to know if the remastered versions would be an improvement over the original Geffen label as well. The older albums in the 80's(including "Letter From Home" and "Still Life Talking") are lightweight in the bass and quality of recording is lacking in comparison with the more recent works from Metheny. I find "One Quiet Night" recorded on solo baritone guitar to be of exceptional quality.

My comments are solely based on CD's as I do not own a single piece of LP. I have read that ECM LP's from Metheny have very good bass, and if I'm not mistaken this comment was made by Xiekitchen in another Pat Metheny's thread here.
Ryder, you're correct, that was mentioned in the thread I started on 6-7-07.

As a matter of fact, everyone (including Gerryn on this thread so far) was over there !

Pat Metheny's music deserves much better remastering.

I would like to hear greater depth with more dynamic range and bass slam in this millenium.

My two Gold Japanese import CD's get a little closer, but no cigar, hopefully a recording studio will step up, so our equipment doesn't have to fight so hard to get there.
Ryder and Rx8man: I couldn't agree with you more. Pat Metheny's music deserves much better recordings/remastering.

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and the remastered Geffen recordings were not marked "remastered" in any way so I didn't buy them thinking they were not. But these ARE the remastered versions.

Will go back to B&N or order them through Amazon. They are marked with the Nonesuch Records logo on the back and are covered with a outer cardboard sleeve.

Thanks for weighing in on this thread.
It'd be great if Pat Metheny's master tapes went to Kevin Grey and Steve Hoffman at RTI.