Metheny show...who is excited?

Got my ticket to see PM next week...UNC Chapel Hill gig....1200 seats sold out. I'll be in front row 10th seat...woo hoo.
I love Pat Metheny in concert. When the entire band builds to a crescendo over and over and in varying ways it is sublime. I have seen him a 3 times and always worthwhile.
It's been too many years for me.. I'm due
I'm officially jealous. I've been a Pat Metheny fan since his first LP.
I got free tickets to Pat Metheny once. Given to me by a friend who didn't know who he was. She won them. Looked like toward the back seats but I didn't care. I invited a friend and upon arrival the usher sat us in some seats that were added for this concert. These special seats were front row seat dead center. I watched the show about 15 feet from Pat Metheny. Needless to say it was the best show I've ever seen. Just an amazing guitarist with an equally amazing band.

Saw his Austin City Limits taping a few years back. Pretty amazing, and Antonio Sanchez (on drums) is scary good.

His guitar-synth tunes start to veer off a little into the dreaded 'smooth jazz' realm (for my tastes), but it was a show I'm truly glad I got to see.

I've gone to 2 Metheny concerts, both were outstanding. I agree about the guitar-synth though, my least favorite part of his albums and concerts.
I've seen him half dozen times. Last time I fell asleep and was woken up by an usher trying to close the place up.

Looking forward to the vinyl release of ORCHESTRION.
I'd love to see Off-ramp performed. Don't really care as much for the other jazz-noodling.
Well here's an update/review of the Orchestrion show. Wow! That's it. Go and see this show. UNC gig was second outing stateside and I just did some searching and other gigs are selling out as most are campus theater/performing arts centers and tend to be more intimate with average 1200 seats. I was front center in orchestra area...perfect...not a neck breaker like many would suspect. Any closer I would have been onstage. Pat spoke to audience explaining his 'weirdness' as he referred to it and did some improv tunes...amazing. He told audience that folks from Moog were in-house and the engineers were collaborating with the project...interesting and he played well over 2 1/2 hrs. Best hundred dollar outing I have had...ever. Now I need to go buy the album:)
Disappointed by the album Orchestrion. The music is not at all engaging and the trademark Metheny "noodling" is in full swing. To make matters worse - side four of the LP is blank!
The show wazzz amazzzing! period....see it if you can.
Accordind to the new HT review best br's...they claim the Dave Matthews as the one to judge all others by...they are stupid!!!!!!!!

Pat Metheny's The Way Up Live is the the standard..period.
Seeing him tomorrow in Eugene, OR.
SteveCham...still flabbergasted...did I spell that the Orchestrion show...?