Pat Metheny on DVD-A .. this is great..maybe not

I'm a huge Pat Metheny fan and saw a interview with him where he said DVD-a is the future... "I just re-mastered imaginary day in 5 channel and it's fantastic. My music has been in 24 bit for years.. more to come..." I also figured that he must be releasing his new recording due in a few days in it as well. I thought great this stuff is taking off...

I'm looking for music to eval universal players so I set out to buy it... as it turned out the only place I could find it was at a close-out website.. non of the major local or on-line sites had it. When I went back to the interview I realized it was actually 3 yrs old. He seems to have gotten interested early on but I assume has dropped interest do to lack of
"Secret Story" is one of my favorite cds when played on a high resolution system it transports you.
He always gets slammed by the reviewers on his projects,
yet he gets props on his many collaborative efforts.
Me and my wife both really like his music.