Pass XP-10 and Jeff Rowland Capri pre

How would Capri fair againt XP-10? Read a lot of good things about Capri and would like to know more from people that have experienced both. And how is HT by-pass option?

Capri would be pair with a Pass XA30.5 amp.
I love my Capri with Pass X250.5. Capri replaced ARC LS25ll. Optional Phono stage is great too. haven't heard the XP-10.
Hi J135, thanks for the reply. How would you describe Capri sound?
If you do a search for "Capri" in the forum search you will find a thread about this exact comparison, with a lot of comments. I have used both the Capri and now use the XP10 in my system after trying a LOT of preamps (Adcom GFP 750, BAT 32, Aesthetix Calypso, Bel Canto Pre3). I ran all balanced. I liked the build quality and flexibility of the Capri, but in my system it just sounded dead, with less bass than the others. The Pass is another level--better soundstage, greater depth, more musical. Totally grain free. And Pass quality and reliability. I would think it would interface very well with your Pass amp. There is a review about the XP10 with the XA60.5 so I would think that would tell you a lot about the combo with your amp. It's posted on the PASS LABS website under reviews (was done in July of this year). But getting the preamp right is the hardest thing to do, in my opinion. It is the heart and soul of the system and has a huge effect in how everything interfaces in the system. You really have to buy one, try it out, and if it doesn't work then sell it and get something else. If you buy right (used, good condition, from a reliable seller), you won't be out much if anything. If you go the Pass route, I advise working with Mark at Reno Hifi. You would only be out shipping both ways for a 10 day trial. And you would get the factory warranty. Good luck!
When comparing any Rowland Product with something different, you have to just follow Rowland's XLR I/O convention: pin 3 noninverting, pin 2 inverting, which is the opposite of the AES standard.
This is important.
When you connect regular cables because you haven't read the manual, the sound is far away from optimal.
Btw. I use Coherence II with Lamm 1.2Reference, matching connections.
Syntax, of course I checked about that issue. I thought that may be an issue I had, so I double checked the polarity of inputs. The newer equipment adheres to standard XLR convention, with pin 2 positive. From the JRDG site-- In the manual: NOTE: Pin 2 of each XLR connector is signal positive
with respect to each RCA input. Also, JRDG recommends
balanced cables as the preferred method of
Thanks for the responses!
I found one thread Capri vs. XP-10 but the thread doesn't seem to have any reply.
Hi Kzhtoo, 1281372519 is the thread number, it is about X1 Vs Capri but there are comments about XP10 too. I think if you copy/paste into the forum search it will come up
Thanks. Seems like going Pass amp+ pre is a popular choice. Extra cost might be worth it.